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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Such a lovely day

Okay, so today, I totally skipped out on doing school at all, and finished my Christmas quilt blocks instead. They are great (if I do say so myself), but even better, they are done :-). Actually, the idea that I "skipped" schooling is wrong too. By 8 AM, my kids had discovered, quite on their own, that Queen Elizabeth is on the front of the currency from both Canada and Australia. AND, they even generally knew who she was. We also discussed how just because a coin is the color of a penny, that does not make it a penny. In fact, in Australia, their copper coin is slightly larger than our penny and is a 2 cent piece with a frilled lizard on the back. I should also mention this money is from when my Uncle went there as an exchange student in school, so I have no idea what is on their coins now, but the animals on the back of our stash are quite fun...platypus (would that be platypuses, platypusi, platypi?...I have no idea, but I bet Kiwi knows!), emus, frilled lizards, etc. All very fun! (By the way, the spell check says platypuses is right, but that just doesn't look right to me.)
We had also discovered that acids will clean the dirt off coins better than rubbing alcohol, but white vinegar does not work very fast. Ketchup on the other hand is amazing with copper colored coins, and helps some on silver ones too.
Oh, and we confirmed gravity works when TJ spilled the milk from his cereal bowl.
So there you awful lot of learning before 8 AM I think!
Back to the quilts, I now have a better idea of how to proceed for my Americana quilt. Which is good since I only have 10 days to do it in. YIKES!!!
Anyway, the kids had a blast today too which was nice. Mimi went to her very first Girl Scout meeting, and while she was totally apprehensive to the point of not wanting to go, she ended up loving it. She said, "I thought it was going to be a MEETING, like where you sit around at the tables and the teacher talks, like 4-H is, but it was really FUN." I asked her how she felt about 4-H and she said she likes it, but the meetings are boring sometimes. And you know what? She's right. But that's life too, so if you want the fun stuff you have to take the boring stuff with it, and at least she understands that.
TJ had his first soccer practice. His coach is very nice, and was totally willing to try to rearrange EVERYONE'S schedule to accommodate our church on Thursday nights, but I think we worked it out as my friend S, who lives right by church and has 3 kids in soccer, will be able to bring him to me after they are done with practice. So I'll load up the kids and take Mimi to Girl Scouts, pick her up an hour later, take TJ to soccer, watch for 15 minutes, then head to church. S will bring him to me there, and we will leave our house at 4:15 to return again at 9. Sounds like a lot of PB&J dinners :-). My husband usually just meets us at church on Thursday, lest you think I am being a neglectful wife, so none of this affects him.
Today after soccer, TJ and I went to McDonald's for his birthday dinner/date night with mommy. It was soooo nice just to hang out with him. He totally loved the one on one time-it was probably one of the best presents I could give him. In fact, after dinner, he declared this his best day EVER. I don't know how we'll top that for his birthday tomorrow, LOL. Actually, TJ loves to build with legos and K'nex and so we got him a small K'nex Jr. kit that makes "sea creatures". I'm sure that will help tomorrow be pretty special too. There's been a lot of talk about toys and kids lately among my friends, but these are the type my boys LOVE. They spent hours making ships and critters out of lego/K'nex, and so I imagine both boys will be busy tomorrow with the new K'nex.
I'm blessed to have wonderful friends who let me drop by unannounced and still talk to me the next day. I'm also very thankful that the soccer thing is worked out. S will never know how much that means, especially to TJ. And I'm thankful to be married to a man who honors his marriage covenant. Too many people can't say that. My man not only does, but tomorrow he's honoring me with my SPA DAY- WOOOO HOOOOO!
I'll let you know all about that tomorrow!
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EC said...

I saw Mimi's new hole in her mouth from her lost tooth...she recounted the whole 4 am wakeup call adventure for me...too cute! :) Have an AWESOME spa all about it so we can live vicariously!

Melissa said...

I'm assuming "the Kiwi" is me. :) I know nothing about platapuses, so there you go. :)
As for toys - my boys LOVED lego and spent HOURS playing with it. We have mountains of lego - and I can't bring myself to give it away as I HATE it that they don't use it anymore. When I finally bought a big tote and bagged it all up for storage, I CRIED while putting it away. It's very bitter/sweet to see those little boy (and girl) years pass by.