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Sunday, September 9, 2007

I wonder why I'm tired?

Today was a busy day, and I'm really too exhausted to even blog, but I missed yesterday, so here I go for today. We had church this morning, which was great as always. Today's lesson was 2 Corinthians 7:10-16 (I think...but Christine can correct me if I'm wrong). It spoke of Paul's delight that his letter of reproof had the desired effect on the Corinthians and that they repented. To repent is to totally turn in the opposite direction, to do a 180. I sat there very convicted of two areas of my life that I need to do that in...somehow, no matter what the message, there's always some personal application God knew I needed to hear (and yes, that amazement is tongue in cheek as I know that's exactly that case, and exactly God's plan, which is why His word is living and active). So two things to focus on this week, and everyday for the rest of my life ;-).
After church, our "supper club" met (that's a small group of people from church assigned to share a few meals together over a certain period of time so we can get to know each other and build relationships in the church). We went to CiCi's and the kids were delighted...well all but Mimi who chose to go to the Kiwi's house instead.
Then I came home to finish making TJ's frog cake for his birthday celebration. We got it done just in time to walk out the door to go to the birthday party Mimi had this afternoon (not that I had to take her, since she was at the Kiwi's, but I had to collect two more small boys whose sisters were at this party and take them to TJ's party at the mini-golf place). My first impression on the first hole was that I had made a terrible mistake thinking these boys could possibly do this, but they figured it out, and had a blast.
Then back to the other party to give the boys back to their parents, and collect my own kids (did I mention Scott was invited to Jennie's house to play with her son during the duel party thing?). Then home for dinner, which thankfully was already mostly done thanks to my husband's new SMOKER that he got last week-end. YEAH!!! Then, we watched High School Musical for the first time ever (I'm always a wee bit behind the trends). That was followed by Scott and I going to my mom's for our allergy I'm finally home. Any wonder why I'm tired???
Here's a funny to share today: one of the small boys I had with me today took one look at the "river" running through the mini-golf place and turned to me and said, "Can I pee in the water?" See there's another thing ONLY said by a boy, and this one is not even mine :-)
Favorite new Sari-ism, "Mamma, I have something to say to you" and when you lean over to hear, she starts singing. It's SOOOO cute!
I love my kids, and today I even loved other people's, LOL. I was blessed to take a trio of small boys to the mini-golf place. It was really fun to see them get so excited when they sank the ball...even if it took them 20 shots to do it. Jennie's son preferred hockey-style, kind of guiding the ball with the club, but it worked for him. I'm also blessed that I am able to help someone in need out tomorrow and watch a sweet little baby for the day. That should be fun. Sari LOVES babies, so we'll see how it goes when there is a real one in the house.
until tomorrow,
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Tiffany said...

Your day made me almost as tired as my day made me. But you didn't end your day at Target and Wal-mart shopping with two little girls. My pumpkin spice latte helped me survive along with buying a NEW sewing machine at Wal-mart!!! I am sooo stinking excited!