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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More nature, but this kind is nicer

From this...


If you remember my post about our bird-poop emulating caterpillars, here is one that emerged as a butterfly the other day. I couldn't get a great picture, 'cause the darn thing kept flying around (go figure!), but you get the idea :-). Who needs a science curriculum when nature (the ugly and the pretty) just drops by your door all the time?

And look at this guy who showed up in our flower bed:

***CAUTION-Stop reading now if God's plan for reproduction offends you!***

Last one: two butterflies MATING!
I had to include the disclaimer because on a yahoo group for our curriculum, there has been a bunch of conversation about how offensive the science text is shows a drawing of lions MATING!

How terrible! I'm shocked! Don't they know that's indecent!

Okay, that rant was all tongue in check. GIVE ME A BREAK! You know what, we went to the Buffalo Zoo this summer and what did we happen upon? MATING LIONS. It happens. Not only does it happen, but God ordained it to happen. It's how every species God created has continued existing since...well, CREATION, which was a REALLY LONG TIME AGO, no matter which camp (young earth/old earth) you are in. I'm thinking our kids are not the first in history to be exposed to mating animals.
In fact, the picture above shows you how we are fortunate enough to have little caterpillars of all varieties around our yard...the big ones mate here. I guess no one told them they should really "get a room". The debate on the curriculum board has really been funny, and those who know me will be proud and amazed to know I have stayed out of it entirely. The curriculum is Christian, but they make very clear the science text is NOT. It's an Usborne book, so it's not flaky or anything, it's just got references to millions of years, etc.
So here's an idea...Take what works for you and leave the rest...(all credit to Marie and LLL for that one).
The mating thing is too funny though, because it shows a male lion behind a female one, and she is looking straight ahead, bored out of her gourd...pretty realistic for lions I'd say, although the ones at the zoo were making a little noise too.

...maybe they did need a room....

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Tiffany said...

Your camera is amazing! You take some beautiful pictures. Maybe you could save the butterflies mating for the county fair! :0)

JessnBekahsmom said...

Too funny! Part of creation. Part of God's world. Yeah, and how many Billions - or is it trillions - of years has this been going on? Maybe several thousand...

I had butterflies on my passionflower vine last year, but they ate it all up and it froze in the winter, so I only saw a couple of butterflies this year. I did miss them, though. They must have been mating, but we missed it!