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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sleep with me...

I love the little story about the child who asks mommy to sleep in his room one night, and she replies that she has to sleep with daddy, and he says something totally inappropriate like, "Sissy" in reference to the fact that daddy needs a sleeping buddy :-). Of course, it would never fly for the kids to speak that way about their father in our house, nor is daddy's lack of courage the reason any wife shares a bed with her husband, but it certainly shows a child's understanding of the situation.

To that end, I do love that all 3 of my older kids will occasionally implore me to sleep with them. I remember those moments from my childhood too-the ones where you just hope that for once the rules will be different and the answer will miraculously be "yes". It's wonderful that they still value your very physical presence even in their sleep. It speaks volumes to what comfort and safety they find in their parents.

All three older kids for some reason insist on falling asleep with their overhead lights on, and then I come in and turn them off once they are asleep. I also check their covers and kiss them once more. Well, on September 11th, this is what I walked in to find on Mimi's bed:

She had actually saved me a spot! How sweet. Of course, I did not take her up on the offer (I'm a little bigger than half a twin bed typically accommodates comfortably), but I love that she left me the note :-).

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1 comment:

Clunn Family said...

Totally sweet. Hilarious sissy comment.