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Monday, September 3, 2007

Random thoughts

Apparently, I scared my friend Ann with my last blog. She was at first unsure which direction I was leaning in my support, and initially thought she might have to come beat Biblical truth into me, LOL.
Today, I saw the biggest woodpecker I have ever seen. Usually, you only see critters like this in a zoo. In fact, it was its call that sounded so "zoo creature-like" that drew my attention to the top of the REALLY TALL tree is was perched in. The first photo is the tree, just to give you perspective, and you can see the bird as a VERY small bump in the top left. The second photo is the bird itself.

We have two Giant Swallowtail caterpillars that we are "raising" right now. They were happily munching on our 4-H citrus trees, so we relocated them to a container and fed them from our more established orange tree that can stand to lose some leaves. One has formed its chrysalis and the other should be close. It will be exciting when they emerge, as they should be really beautiful. The chrysalis is under the curl of a dried up leaf, but you can kind of make it out. The caterpillar has great camoflauge, looking like huge bird dropping.

I have a countdown going right now. 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL...TJ's 6th birthday. Okay, but
really my countdown is 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL...MY FIRST "SPA DAY". I'm so excited, I can hardly sleep. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I've never had a spa day before, and my wonderful husband got it for me at the Number 1 Spa in Lake County: J. Scott's. Scott is a friend from UIP (he currently is our director) and I can't wait to go. My husband has been doing their computer work for them, so we are basically trading services. LOVE IT!!! Poor TJ, he's playing second fiddle, but really he gets a treat because daddy will be working from home on his birthday, and that's a special event in this household.
I'm blessed that my husband arranged this for me. It feels so "she-she" and self indulgent, but I can't wait. I'm blessed also that we have such a wonderful opportunity to observe nature around us, even living in the "city". My kids never lack for science or a chance to see God's amazing creations all around us :-)
until tomorrow,
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Tiffany said...

You always find caterpillars that actually make it into butterflies! If we find any ours always die. The one that Scott gave Hannah for her birthday :0) (not sure how that came about) made a cocoon the day after we got it. It was still quite small and I don't know what kind it was but we are watching it.

EC said... day! I'm so glad you get to go be spoiled for a day!