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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On a lighter note...

Mimi and her friend were playing today, and she made up a menu for her "restaurant". It is a drawing of a bowl of curly lines with round circles that look like they have little faces in them. Turns out, her "restaurant" was an Italian one, and that drawing was a bowl of pasta and meatballs. (I totally see it now!)
And the restaurant's name? BEDY BSEDY
You know, Betty Bsghetti...I mean Spaghetti, LOL.
(She actually asked me tonight when she showed me the menu..."is it bsghetti or spaghetti?" so at least we are making progress.)
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Leisa said...

That counter is soo cool. Please share

Julie said...

I was going to day the same thing as did you get that counter on there?