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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm sure this never happened on the Brady Bunch

0'dark hundred this morning:
From a deep slumber, I feel a very persistent tap,tap,tap on my leg. ARGH! Rousing myself, I open my eyes and wait for them to focus enough for me to make out which child is doing the tapping. Oh look, it's Mimi! (Big surprise there, Mimi also tapped me awake the night before at 4:30 to say she had a bad dream, and then at 6 to say she didn't want to sleep in any of the available options (her bed, her brother's bed since HE was sleeping on the couch for some reason, or on the couch herself- but that was out really since it was already occupied) so could she sleep with me? In case you are wondering, the answer was no because after 2 wake-ups in one night by an almost 8 year old I was feeling less-than generous.)
So back to last night:
I say something along the lines of, "wha do you wa?" in my slumber laden speech. She says, "I lost a tooth". Because I'm BRILLIANT at that hour, I say, "What do you mean you lost a tooth?" She says, "I pulled out my tooth." I get up enough to see the clock and reply with, "That's great, but it's 3:55 in the morning...go back to bed." She then wants a glass of milk because it's still bleeding, so ARGH I get up and get the milk. Just so that she doesn't get her heart crushed that I am not nearly as excited as she is about the tooth, I lean over to hug her first, and she says, "Don't get near this hand, it's got blood on it". WAY TOO MUCH INFO for 4 AM. She goes to wash her hand, I go to get the milk, I bring her the milk, and scoot her back off to bed, ans she says, " Okay, and I'll get my tooth box so I can put my tooth under my pillow." "Oh, don't do that," I say, "I'm sure the tooth fairy has already made her rounds for tonight, so we'll have to catch her tomorrow night."

So she goes back to bed, and I lie awake for the next hour unable to fall asleep. I guess the tooth fairy could have come after all, LOL.
Showing off the new grin :-)

So today is going to be a lovely day since I'm soooo well rested. That will teach me to get to bed before 11:30!

If you are reading this and you are the praying type, please pray for Scott today. He has to have 4 baby teeth extracted (talk about irony) and I'm sure it won't be the most enjoyable experience as they are not even remotely loose.

until later,

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1 comment:

Leisa said...

So not only is the tooth fairy going to be visiting your house tonight, she is going to have to take out a second mortgage for all those teeth.