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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


More info lifted from the headlines: Spiders spin acres-wide web in Texas

I mean, I know Texas is big, but acres-wide...that just makes my skin CRAWL at the thought. There are literally MILLIONS of spiders on this web in a State Park 50 miles from Dallas. The web has a "fetid" odor, probably from all the dying bugs on it. Oh, and the web "whines" from all the flying insects caught in it. Seriously. YUCK!!!
This web is literally covering ACRES of trees and plants. Usually webs of this size take years to build, this one took months.
I think I'll take Texas off the list of places to visit any time this century, LOL.

I guess I can find blessing even in that though, as I'm not sure I'd like it any better if spiders didn't exist and instead all the populations of the critters they eat grew off the charts. That might be even more yucky.
Oh, and I'm also blessed because it's 3 DAYS TO SPA DAY!!!!!
until tomorrow,
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