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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You won't even recognize me

So I got my hair cut today! I was looking at the pictures from Spa Day and realized that the blond ends on my hair were VERY unattractive under certain lights. So I decided they had to come off. It's great that my neighbor is going to cosmetology school. She gave me a really fun, totally in-style (for the first time in my life) haircut. THEN, she put all sorts of goop in my hair that I will never use, and made it amazingly shiny, and SHE STRAIGHTENED IT with a flat iron. Before the flat iron, I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt in that TV show she is in (Ghost Whisperer?), and after I looked like any totally glam celeb and felt like I should be playing a guitar and seriously bobbing my head up and down with my hair flying in my face. It's really a different look, but I like it. My husband DOES NOT.
Everyone at UIP liked it too. I got everything from "You look 10 years younger" to "Did you color your hair?" to "Did she use a flat iron on your hair?" (me, "yes") "Then you need to BUY ONE. SERIOUSLY"
All you friend-type people will have to wait until the next time you see me, and it won't be straight anymore by then as it will revert to normal when I wash it, and I am not delaying showers for a week until I bump into everyone. Maybe I'll have her do it again for the quilt thing Sunday night...
Speaking of quilt...I'm off to work on that.
I'm blessed to have wonderful friends like S who cut my hair for free just because she likes to do it and wants the practice. It really looks great. As good or better than most cuts I've gotten at salons. I'm also always blessed by the people of UIP. They are so much like extensions of my family, and I love them. We have such a great time together and we glorify God. I am confident this is what Heaven will be like.
until tomorrow,
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Leisa said...

Take a pic and post it!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

I've seen it and it looks great! I think I want to try a flat iron!

Tiffany said...

The last time you posted was three days ago--what's up!!! Give me something to read woman!