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Monday, September 24, 2007


So over a week ago now, Sari and TJ had their well-checks for Sari at 2 1/2 and TJ at 6. TJ is amazing. He is so compliant and easy. Even the doctor said he wished all his patients were that easy. Well then it was Sari's turn. She for some reason decided that despite the fact that she has seen this doctor since birth, she would suddenly go freaky on him and not want to sit on the table or open her mouth, or even be out of my arms. So bless his heart, he did the whole exam with me holding her. Well, not being an anti-immunization family, at the end of the visit, it was decided that Sari needed to get 2 shots (the most that Dr. ever does in one visit). I assumed the concept of shots might well have been the reason for Sari's weird behavior since the kids mentioned it in the car, and since she has seen Scott and I getting our allergy shots a LOT recently. So when the nurse walked in, I told her she would probably have to give Sari the shots with me holding her. I did my best to become an octopus-holding her leg with one hand so she couldn't move it, her arm with another so she couldn't grab the needle (don't laugh-Mimi did it when she was just 9 months old and RIPPED it out of her leg!), and actually holding her body with the two extra arms God must have given me for that occasion, LOL. Then I looked at Sari and said, "It's going to hurt a little, but then it will be over. Just look at Mamma and blow like you are blowing out a candle." She did that, the nurse stuck her, and...SHE DID NOT CRY. Not even a PEEP. So we repeated the procedure for the second shot and had the exact same results! Boy, did she put her siblings to SHAME. I think they made a bigger deal out of it than I did, and I was making a BIG deal out of her bravery. Mimi turns wild like a cat you are trying to stuff into a small enclosure whenever you try to give her a shot, and here is her sister not even whimpering. She did sooooo good.
I, on the other hand, have been informed by my mom that I am NOT the model patient. She has been administering our allergy shots to us since the Dr.'s office charges $25 a shot and between Scott and I we get 6 a week. But somehow, she will find the MOST SENSITIVE place to stick me 9 times out of 10. the kicker is that that 10th time she finds the spot that doesn't hurt at all, so I KNOW it can be painless, which makes it even worse when it HURTS the whole time she is giving it. Add to that the fact that she is injecting a combination of substances that I am REALLY allergic to, so from the moment the injection begins, my body starts aggressively fighting against the stuff, and OIY, it is not pretty. It takes every ounce of will power I have not to turn into a mangy dog and scratch my arms OFF, they itch so bad. In fact, I got the shots last night, and they STILL itch this morning, 12 hours later.
Scott, the antithesis of his mother, had to be physically tackled for the first shot she ever gave him, but ever since then just stands there and takes it like a man, despite the fact that the shot seems to bleed every time she removes the needle. That is a testimony to God working in his life, as from a sensory perspective, shots were about one of the worst things you could do to him, and now he just laughs about it.
I'm blessed to live in a time when immunizations are available. I can't imagine losing your child to any of the diseases that kids used to regularly die from, or having your child permanently disfigured by polio, etc. And I'm glad that vaccines are something parents can choose about, as I understand not everyone feels that way about them. I am appalled though, that there now seems to be a vaccine for a myriad of things that can be avoided just by living the way God calls us to live. I do want my daughter to be "one less" to suffer from cervical cancer, but I want that to happen because she abstained from sex outside of marriage, not because she got a shot to prevent the sexually transmitted virus from infecting her. I want my children not to get AIDS, or genital herpes, or a multitude of other things, but there are other, better, more scripturally sound ways to do that then to immunize them and then throw them to the wolves. We need to be training our children in righteousness, not inoculating them against the side effects of sin. And I'm thankful that God has given me a heart to see that, and to desire a higher standard for my children than my generation had in our upbringing.
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EC said...

Allergy shots...boy does that bring up memories. I went to an "old-school" allergist who told me that I was going to hate his guts for a year but will be thankful to him for the rest of my life. Yep...he was right. He had me on three shots A WEEK. (I actually learned to give them to myself, as I was in college and didn't have time for all those office visits.) I went through a year of being horribly sick, but my body learned to fight. It got better and after 3 years, no more shots. I still cannot be within 2 miles of a cat or dog and mold and pollen get to me, but allergy shots truly changed my life. I hope it does the same for you all!

oneblessedmamma said...

This is actually my second go-around. I had them as a child too. This allergist told me the immunity usually lasts for 3-7 years and then you have to do it again...unless you stay on your maintainance dose. So here I am again, 30 years later, getting stuck in both arms. I'm on every other week now, though and soon will just be monthly :-). I have to say, the first shots helped me too, as I USED TO BE allergic to dogs and cats, but now I'm not...just everything else that grows on God's green earth! Even the allergist said I was allergic to EVERYTHING and so could only expect "so much" improvement. But hey, I'll take what I can get!