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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Proud Soccer Mom

For the first time in his life, my little TJ is playing a sport. Soccer to be precise. Scott played 2 seasons of little league when he was younger (it was TOTALLY NOT for him) and Mimi played soccer through the Y once, but that was really just glorified ball chasing that frequently involved her or her teammates running the wrong way or even playing on the wrong field.

TJ is playing Upwards Soccer, which is a Christian program being held at a local church. They have verses to learn every week. They practice soccer drills each practice. Every game, each child gets a superlative award (best offense, best defense, best sportsmanship, etc.) to encourage them to try their best. They pray before the games. AND, each child gets equal play time. They rotate players every 3 minutes in his age group, so they all seriously play the same amount time and have the opportunity to support their team by cheering them on from the sidelines for the same amount of time too.

Best of all he is really enjoying it, being by far my most team-sport-inclined child. He even scored a goal last game. Of course, it was raining buckets at Thursday night's practice time, so we did not go (only to find out they had a rain plan to play in the gym...oops!) but he will have his second game this morning.

Here's TJ in his first game and too-cute reversible uniform:

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