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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Strangely Silent?

That's because I have been working on my quilt! Tomorrow night is the big "reveal" and I have MILES to go. My back is screaming in pain, but I am determined to get it as close to done as I can. I have it all layered and have begun quilting, or I think I will get there tomorrow night with just the binding to go. I thought about cheating and sewing the binding the easy way but I realized that would not give me the splash of color it needs on the edges.
I have to say the front of the quilt looks AMAZING. Even my mom thought so. however, I have learned through the actual "quilting" part that I a) have no idea how to really work my sewing machine, and b) really don't at all know what I am doing, so we'll see how the rest of it goes. Luckily, very few people ever turn a quilt over and inspect the underside. It's kind of kin to looking a gift horse in the mouth, and probably just as ugly in my case!
My house is LITERALLY falling apart around me, so I really will have a lot to catch up on when the quilting is done.
I'm totally blessed to have the opportunity to do this quilt thing. It is one of those, "learn to do before I die" things for me, so now I can cross it off the list. And I'm blessed that my God is so attentive to details that He had my mom buy me my sewing machine 15 years ago knowing it would sit in a corner until now when I need it. AND, I'm thrilled that I decided on the recipient of my Americana quilt: my mom. After all, her birthday is July 2nd, it's her grandmother's flag I incorporated, and she even helped me pick out the pictures to use on it. Scott even said tonight, "Gram, you should have this quilt." and she said, "No, your mom has invested too much time in it to ever give it away." I am tickled pink that I will get to bless her with it :-). (Good thing she doesn't read my blog!)
until later, since it's already tomorrow,
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Michelle said...

Wow! I am impressed that you got this far on it! I can't wait to see the (nearly) finished product. What a nice idea to give it to your mom. I bet she will really enjoy getting have a piece of family history around in a useable form. Go Amy!!