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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why Ma'am, what a great set of lungs your son has...

Oddly enough, while that comment causes great pride when spoken of a newborn, it's mortifying when expressed concerning your 10 year old, LOL.
Okay, so true wasn't quiet that bad for Scott as he got 4 teeth extracted today, and no one said anything the odd noise coming from the back rooms, BUT everyone in the waiting room did know the exact moment he got the numbing shots, and we were crystal clear as to when they removed the teeth. Poor Scott! My friend N works at the Dentist we go to, and she walked by post-injection but pre-removal and said, "He's doing great!". Yeah. That was before they came at him with a huge set of metal pliers and said, "Open wide!"
I have to say, he did amazing all things considered. But I felt awful for him, and I so wished we had been able to go alone and not had the other kids with us, as they commented on his crying, although they did seem far more compassionate than teasing about it. The roots that were on these baby teeth were amazing, over an inch in length...I think they might have never come out on their own. Scott's mouth will be buying his dentist and orthodontist new cars, as his permanent "canine" or "eye" teeth are still entirely in his gums, and growing sideways toward each other under his nose. They hope removing these baby teeth today will allow them to move into their normal position, but if not, the teeth may require oral surgery in which they cut the gum, place a chain around those non-emerged teeth, secure it to something? maybe another tooth? and then gradually apply pressure to lower the tip into place over a period of months. YEP. Sounds like fun! If you are a praying person, please be praying that the teeth will move into the correct place on their own. Also, he's missing a permanent molar, so you could pray that the baby one never falls out, otherwise it's an implant for him. And that doesn't even touch braces....
I'm blessed to have a boy that is so brave. Really I think he cried more over the fear/anticipation of the unknown than from the pain. He did great with the whole gauze in the mouth thing afterward (which I was not keen on...but Gloria told me she couldn't come home with me, so I had to do it...YUCK!!!). He felt steadily better after the gauze came out and the numbness wore off, and he even went to Awana just 2 hours later. And, in typical boy fashion, he wanted to show everyone the gaping holes in his mouth like they were a battle wound. He may try my patience on a hourly basis, but I love that boy of mine :-). I really am one blessed mamma.
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