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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mimi's praise songs

Mimi has been into writing praise songs lately, and these are DEFINITELY the type of thing I want to remember forever...long after the paper they are written on disappears, so I thought I'd share and blog them here. The first one has even been set to music composed my an amazingly talented youth at our church and the girls have been practicing it.
You are...
You are my King.
You are my Master.
You are my Lord.
You are my everything.
You are my God.

I know that He loves me.
He loves me and you.

My sin is wiped away (or in the original Mimi version My sin is wipte awy )
My sin is wiped away. (My sin is wipte awy )
My God wiped my sin away. (My God wipte my sin awy )
My God is Great. (My God is Grate )

A Rap song
I am going to tell you about the Son of Man.
He is my God.
He is my Savior and my Lord.
And He is my Master.
He's my everything.

(in the original Mimi it reads more like this...)
I am goeen to tel u bout
the sun uv man He is my God.
He is my seavr and my Lord.
And He is my Mastr.
He my evevything.

It's good that one of God's gifts to moms is the interpretation of tongues, LOL.

I am blessed beyond my ability to communicate that my daughter has such a heart for the Lord.
until tomorrow,
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Tiffany said...

Those are wonderful!!! Who is the talented youth at your church who has set it to music?
I am so impressed at her level of understanding, that is awesome!

EC said...

Awesome! What a blessing!