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Saturday, September 29, 2007

That's one BIG baby

Did you see that a woman in Russia gave birth to a 17.1 lb. baby? NO, that is not a typo. The first of her 11 children was over 11 pounds, and all the others, "broke the records set by their brothers and sisters," which I take to mean each one got larger than the last. This baby was delivered by c-section (You THINK???-I am all for natural childbirth, but even I would refuse to push out a 17 lb baby. Ouch! Makes you hurt just to think about it.)
My second child was almost 2 before she was 17 pounds.
We are blessed to live in a nation where we get good prenatal care. I TOTALLY believe God generally does not give us babies larger than a woman's body can naturally deliver, and that if 1/3 of all babies born in the U.S. REALLY required a c-section to make it safely into this world, women would have zippers across their abdomens. BUT, having a 17 pound baby just seems medically irresponsible. The baby is suffering from severe heath problems now, which is linked to its large size. I'm thankful that there is a flip side to our intervention-happy birth culture, and that is that you don't hear about 17 pound babies being born in this country. A 17 pound baby was also born in Brazil in 2005.
Want to know the record? No, you really don't. A baby was born in 1879 that was 23 pound 12 ounces. The parents were both "giants" at just under 8 feet each. The poor baby died 11 hours later due to the stress of a 3 day birthing process. For reference, my 2 1/2 year old weighs 25 pounds. I am blessed that God did not give me a 23 lb baby, or even a 17 lb baby, but I know He would have met my needs if He did.
until tomorrow,
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Is it progress...or progressing?

Well, we've made some progress in the sick dept. as Mimi is feeling (and looking) better, but she has yet to eat anything more than a heaping tablespoon of sorbet. My husband is feeling better, and he took TJ to soccer this morning. That's progress, but...
It's (the illness) also progressing through the family as Scott joined them last night in throwing up AND well, you know, the other end of the problem. That's a whole 'nother blog entirely.
I said to him, "Aren't you glad you aren't in a tent right now with someone else's dad instead of here near a real bathroom with you own parents?" I had told him earlier that God had a plan for them not going, and now we know that it was so that Scott would not be sick, alone, at a camp 45 minutes away. (At his age, they go camping with adult leaders, but their parents do not have to be there, and obviously with my husband sick, he couldn't go last night, but Scott had petitioned for us to let him go anyway...glad we didn't-for every one's sake!).
It might be hard to think there is blessing in this, but God works all things to good. My kids are watching the Apple Dumpling Gang this morning, and boy, I can say we are totally blessed in this illness to live in a time of INDOOR plumbing. YIKES! How bad would it be if an outhouse were the only option? And I'm blessed we have more than one bathroom-frequently last night, both of the upstairs ones were occupied, and I had to contemplate going to the one down in the bomb shelter :-).
until later,
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Friday, September 28, 2007


ARGH!!!! We have another puking plague going through our house. Why does this happen to our family specifically? Mimi spent 12 hours throwing up every 20-30 minutes and at almost 8 years old and 45 pounds soaking wet, she really can't afford to do that. She looks just this side of death warmed over. My husband has joined her in illness, so now the camp out is off for the boys, and Scott is really disappointed. Honestly, the mamma isn't feeling so hot either, but all you moms out there know we aren't allowed to be sick, so I press on willing myself to be functional.
Hopefully the tide is turning for Mimi and she can keep a few sips of any liquid down, as thus far even water hasn't stayed in her tummy.
until later,
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Cool city counter

I'm not at all computer savvy, so I can't make the word "here" take you to the website for the counter, but it came from here: . I thought it was cool when I saw it on Amy's website, and she got it from a friend, so here I am to share the wealth. Enjoy!
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Freak of Nature is here to stay

My husband and I each had our cars at church tonight, so he took the older three home with him and followed behind by a few minutes. I got home to find Mimi totally hysterical. Seems until now she has missed the fact that there is a huge spider living outside our door every night (yep, the freak of nature is a permanent resident), and she was seriously afraid it was going to come in the house and come get her. How do you even address that? Logic wasn't working (you know, the whole "It's been there for a week now and you've been fine") because she is concerned about where it goes by day and if it might have babies that would invade our house. I reminded her about Charlotte from Charlotte's Web (but even I have to say the computer generated Charlotte from the most recent movie is kind-of creepy).

Turns out this is an orb spider, sometimes called a Cross Spider because of the cross like pattern on its back. That's fitting because Mimi finally found her solace in her devotional for the night where we read from James about how God is always God, not like the shifting shadows (and other scary things that go bump in the night), and about how He chose us to be the most important out of all creation. God is so good He even answered her fears with her devotional.

I have to give you that this spider is pretty intimidating. I haven't found its exact species, but it spins a new, huge web every night, and apparently EATS the web every morning so that the proteins and nutrients in the web don't go to waste. Maybe that's why it grows so large. At this point, I think we should name it. Any suggestions? What do you think Christine...should we love it and hug it and call it George? The first picture shows the markings well, the second you can actually see it spinning, but I think you lose the detail when I uploaded it to Blogger. I wanted you to see how think the body is because it looks flat in the first photo.

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Where do they get this stuff?

So tonight we were watching ER (I am SOOOO glad the summer reruns are finally over!!!), and I asked Sari to bring me the remote because I wanted to adjust the volume. She was standing in the middle of the room, and kind of twisting to the side at her hips. She looked at me totally serious and said, "Wait! I have to POP MY BACK." Where do they get stuff like that????
Okay, in this case, she gets it from me and my increasingly bad back problems. (Ann, you can tell now that I must have issues deep enough that my 2 1/2 year old now mimics me.) I never realized I spend that much time adjusting my back, but there she was doing it too. TOO funny!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On a lighter note...

Mimi and her friend were playing today, and she made up a menu for her "restaurant". It is a drawing of a bowl of curly lines with round circles that look like they have little faces in them. Turns out, her "restaurant" was an Italian one, and that drawing was a bowl of pasta and meatballs. (I totally see it now!)
And the restaurant's name? BEDY BSEDY
You know, Betty Bsghetti...I mean Spaghetti, LOL.
(She actually asked me tonight when she showed me the menu..."is it bsghetti or spaghetti?" so at least we are making progress.)
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Sad News

Seems like bad things come in threes, and they sure have this week. First, last Tuesday, my step father found out he probably had cancer. That was confirmed this Monday. It is Follicular Non-Hodgkins' Lymphoma, which is very slow growing, but is at a stage where they would normally treat it. The problem is my step father has a host of medical issues-seizures, colostomy, vision loss, etc. that cause him to take a plethora of meds that might react very poorly to chemo. So, we will have to see how they will approach it.
Second, a 19 year old girl who is the daughter of a mutual friend died this week of bacterial meningitis. While I didn't know her or her family, my friend knew them well and she has already experienced such loss this year that my heart breaks for her.
Lastly, my dear friend's mother finally passed away after a long battle with cancer. I'm thrilled for her that she is out of pain and in a much better place, but I know it is bitter sweet for the family too and my heart goes out to them as well.
We are so blessed that we even wake up every day and experience life surrounded by people we love and who love us. It's easy to loss sight of that in the day to day grind, but when that grind comes to a screeching halt in the face of loss, you really realize how precious every breath, every moment, is.
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Hello Pot, meet Kettle!

Tonight we were at my mom's for allergy shots and Mimi was playing with a Raggedy Ann doll. My mom said, "That was your mom's you know." Mimi, "It was???" Well then a few minutes later she was swinging it around by the arm, and I told her not to do that. My mom chimes in, "Yeah, it's VERY old you know.....just like your MOM."
Hello Pot, meet're black! If I am very old, what does that make my mom?
We all laughed about that.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Things I LOVE about my kids

Tonight, Scott grabbed two Dr. Seuss books off the book shelf and read them to Sari. WOW! What a blessing. She loves to be read to, and I dislike reading aloud, especially Dr. Seuss books, which seem to never end, so how wonderful was that for BOTH of us that he did that without my even asking :-).

Also, I love that my kids will talk to ANYONE. Okay, maybe that's really a bad thing in reality, but they are so comfortable speaking to people of all ages about anything that pops into their little heads. Scott's piano teacher's mom got an earful today, even from little Sari who had to show off her fire ant bites. But it's great as a homeschooling mom to know that your kids don't fit that stereotypical "socially awkward" profile.

Finally, I love the things Sari comes out with. Yesterday she climbed up in the rocking chair with me and sat on the arm of it and said, "Mommy, I sit here just in case you need me." HOW CUTE IS THAT????

And I love the idea that blogs like this connect people all over the world! I only ever gave my blog address to about 5 people, and it's amazing to see how things spread. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read about our lives :-).

until tomorrow,
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September 20th

I know wacky weather is always cliche topic of conversation, but we have really had some around here lately. Last week, we had several days where it just RAINED. I know for those of us up north, that is the status quo, but here in sunny FL, we get wicked afternoon thunderstorms that blind anyone out on the roadways, wash all the moss out of the trees, and inevitably involve so much lightening that my husband will forever have a job, at least in fixing people's fried computers, but we just don't ever get rainy DAYS. And yet, we've had almost a week of them. We've had so many that the kids have actually stopped begging to go play in the rain (something you can't do in our normal thunderstorms for fear of your life) so until this past week they held a lot of novelty.

For those of you who ever in the past frequented EPCOT's The Living Seas, it was the real life version of, "and it rained....and rained....and rained....THE DELUGE."

Noah's neighbors and kids would have had no qualms about the ark building last week.

Anyway, Thursday, there were some really bad storms coming in around dinner, and we actually kept TJ home from soccer for that reason. We went on to church though, and even though we unloaded under the overhang, I still was drenched as the wind was blowing the rain horizontally. In fact, my jeans were still wet at the bottom 3 hours later! But we were all fine at church, and as we had planned, I left there with an extra boy J, and minus my daughter Mimi.

When we got home, I was busy doing something (can't remember what now), and my husband let the boys play computer for a brief while so they could get on each other's "buddy list" or something like that, and he turned on the TV. Psyche! No reruns or reality TV to be found, all the major channels were covering the weather with their Super Doppler 1 Million, or whatever they each call it. Seems there were big storms coming! We chased the boys off to bed, shut off the computer, and my husband sat fixated on the approaching mass of reddish purple (the worst colors you can see on doppler) accompanied by rotational arrows for some parts of the storm. It seems that after the storms moved across a large lake south of us, they spawned at least one tornado. But all the focus was on a town just to our south (by 5 miles), although we could clearly see it would be passing right over us too. But I tend to not over-react so I was still bellowing at the boys to go to sleep (J was already out, it was my boys who were awake since their daddy had admonished them to be quiet so he could here the weather since it looked like we were all going to DIE, or something nice and calming like that). Only later did I find out that at the same time I was sending my kids to their room, all our other, more sensible friends, were dragging theirs OUT of their rooms and into some safe closet/bathroom/pantry, etc. File THAT away for future reference...maybe a little reactionary attitude is good since it ended up that a TORNADO went through our fine town literally HALF A MILE from our house!

I know my pastor and his wife were praying, and that was probably what spared my children from their mother's ignorance to the seriousness of the situation. It could have gone very differently, and I KNOW the morning headlines would have read, "Family of 5 and one friend died tragically overnight in killer tornado while sitting directly above a 1200 square foot BOMB SHELTER that went unused in the storm." Yep, that's why I'm a MENSA candidate, and not a MENSA member, LOL. We have our county's first, and most likely biggest bomb shelter, and we never even gave it a second glance that night. You can be sure it will be different next time.

See, over 116 houses were hit by that tornado. 7 totally destroyed, almost 30 more condemned. And all that was literally less than a mile from our house. It is VERY humbling. Below is a tree exactly 1/2 mile up the street from us, and a local business taking a blast from a rain storm days later, but even in the rain you can see the tree ripped in half behind it, and the damage to the roof of the business itself. That is .6 mile from us.

We know so many families who were affected, but miraculously, NO ONE was killed, or even seriously injured. The most grave injury came when a man threw himself on Grandma to keep her from harm and somehow ended up gashing her head open in the process! Seriously, look at those numbers again of homes damaged and destroyed and ask yourself HOW no one was hurt or killed. I know how. God had His mighty hand on our little town that night. If the folks affected by and those who know about the tornado didn't believe in Him before, I hope they have taken a serious look at the events of that night and realized there is only ONE way it went down the way it did, and that was because HE is a strong tower, a shield, and our protector in times of trouble. He is sovereign, and He protected our town that night. I'm thankful for that, and so much more.
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So over a week ago now, Sari and TJ had their well-checks for Sari at 2 1/2 and TJ at 6. TJ is amazing. He is so compliant and easy. Even the doctor said he wished all his patients were that easy. Well then it was Sari's turn. She for some reason decided that despite the fact that she has seen this doctor since birth, she would suddenly go freaky on him and not want to sit on the table or open her mouth, or even be out of my arms. So bless his heart, he did the whole exam with me holding her. Well, not being an anti-immunization family, at the end of the visit, it was decided that Sari needed to get 2 shots (the most that Dr. ever does in one visit). I assumed the concept of shots might well have been the reason for Sari's weird behavior since the kids mentioned it in the car, and since she has seen Scott and I getting our allergy shots a LOT recently. So when the nurse walked in, I told her she would probably have to give Sari the shots with me holding her. I did my best to become an octopus-holding her leg with one hand so she couldn't move it, her arm with another so she couldn't grab the needle (don't laugh-Mimi did it when she was just 9 months old and RIPPED it out of her leg!), and actually holding her body with the two extra arms God must have given me for that occasion, LOL. Then I looked at Sari and said, "It's going to hurt a little, but then it will be over. Just look at Mamma and blow like you are blowing out a candle." She did that, the nurse stuck her, and...SHE DID NOT CRY. Not even a PEEP. So we repeated the procedure for the second shot and had the exact same results! Boy, did she put her siblings to SHAME. I think they made a bigger deal out of it than I did, and I was making a BIG deal out of her bravery. Mimi turns wild like a cat you are trying to stuff into a small enclosure whenever you try to give her a shot, and here is her sister not even whimpering. She did sooooo good.
I, on the other hand, have been informed by my mom that I am NOT the model patient. She has been administering our allergy shots to us since the Dr.'s office charges $25 a shot and between Scott and I we get 6 a week. But somehow, she will find the MOST SENSITIVE place to stick me 9 times out of 10. the kicker is that that 10th time she finds the spot that doesn't hurt at all, so I KNOW it can be painless, which makes it even worse when it HURTS the whole time she is giving it. Add to that the fact that she is injecting a combination of substances that I am REALLY allergic to, so from the moment the injection begins, my body starts aggressively fighting against the stuff, and OIY, it is not pretty. It takes every ounce of will power I have not to turn into a mangy dog and scratch my arms OFF, they itch so bad. In fact, I got the shots last night, and they STILL itch this morning, 12 hours later.
Scott, the antithesis of his mother, had to be physically tackled for the first shot she ever gave him, but ever since then just stands there and takes it like a man, despite the fact that the shot seems to bleed every time she removes the needle. That is a testimony to God working in his life, as from a sensory perspective, shots were about one of the worst things you could do to him, and now he just laughs about it.
I'm blessed to live in a time when immunizations are available. I can't imagine losing your child to any of the diseases that kids used to regularly die from, or having your child permanently disfigured by polio, etc. And I'm glad that vaccines are something parents can choose about, as I understand not everyone feels that way about them. I am appalled though, that there now seems to be a vaccine for a myriad of things that can be avoided just by living the way God calls us to live. I do want my daughter to be "one less" to suffer from cervical cancer, but I want that to happen because she abstained from sex outside of marriage, not because she got a shot to prevent the sexually transmitted virus from infecting her. I want my children not to get AIDS, or genital herpes, or a multitude of other things, but there are other, better, more scripturally sound ways to do that then to immunize them and then throw them to the wolves. We need to be training our children in righteousness, not inoculating them against the side effects of sin. And I'm thankful that God has given me a heart to see that, and to desire a higher standard for my children than my generation had in our upbringing.
until later,
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Proud Soccer Mom

For the first time in his life, my little TJ is playing a sport. Soccer to be precise. Scott played 2 seasons of little league when he was younger (it was TOTALLY NOT for him) and Mimi played soccer through the Y once, but that was really just glorified ball chasing that frequently involved her or her teammates running the wrong way or even playing on the wrong field.

TJ is playing Upwards Soccer, which is a Christian program being held at a local church. They have verses to learn every week. They practice soccer drills each practice. Every game, each child gets a superlative award (best offense, best defense, best sportsmanship, etc.) to encourage them to try their best. They pray before the games. AND, each child gets equal play time. They rotate players every 3 minutes in his age group, so they all seriously play the same amount time and have the opportunity to support their team by cheering them on from the sidelines for the same amount of time too.

Best of all he is really enjoying it, being by far my most team-sport-inclined child. He even scored a goal last game. Of course, it was raining buckets at Thursday night's practice time, so we did not go (only to find out they had a rain plan to play in the gym...oops!) but he will have his second game this morning.

Here's TJ in his first game and too-cute reversible uniform:

sign me obANDpm (one blessed and proud mamma)
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sleep with me...

I love the little story about the child who asks mommy to sleep in his room one night, and she replies that she has to sleep with daddy, and he says something totally inappropriate like, "Sissy" in reference to the fact that daddy needs a sleeping buddy :-). Of course, it would never fly for the kids to speak that way about their father in our house, nor is daddy's lack of courage the reason any wife shares a bed with her husband, but it certainly shows a child's understanding of the situation.

To that end, I do love that all 3 of my older kids will occasionally implore me to sleep with them. I remember those moments from my childhood too-the ones where you just hope that for once the rules will be different and the answer will miraculously be "yes". It's wonderful that they still value your very physical presence even in their sleep. It speaks volumes to what comfort and safety they find in their parents.

All three older kids for some reason insist on falling asleep with their overhead lights on, and then I come in and turn them off once they are asleep. I also check their covers and kiss them once more. Well, on September 11th, this is what I walked in to find on Mimi's bed:

She had actually saved me a spot! How sweet. Of course, I did not take her up on the offer (I'm a little bigger than half a twin bed typically accommodates comfortably), but I love that she left me the note :-).

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So I got my new Fisher Price catalog...

Here's one for my friend Christine: I bet you didn't know that I: was a tester for Fisher Price toys when I was a child! There, something probably none of you knew! I grew up close to Fisher Price headquarters and they apparently used to use local kids as a kiddie focus group to see how the toys played in real life, and I did it. But I digress...

Let me say I LOVE Little People (the Fisher Price kind, although I'm sure I'd love the real kind too if I knew any). In fact, I think Amy (from Little People, Big World) and I would be good friends! But I digress again...
Every year they seem to come out with new LP toys, and this year the front cover of the catalog is a LP, totally NOT "PC", version of the the Mayflower. Too cute, but so historically inaccurate. Of course if your child's foundational truths in American History are coming from toddler toys or Disney movies, you've got bigger problems than I can address here anyway.
And then they have a Santa and sleigh, again very not PC with the conservative Christian crowd. But while I wouldn't own either, I do totally think they are CUTE!. Oh, and these new "Snap n' Style" dolls that are like chunky polly pockets for little kids. Sari is already saying, "I want to get this baby." But that's a whole 'nother consumerism blog entirely. My kids can desire all they want, but very little ever comes in the door. But I still digress...
Okay, here's the not-cute part. If you have $120, you can buy your very own, exceedingly creepy, "life sized" DORA. At 34", it's taller than Sari. And it TALKS. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. It's like the clown in The Exorcist. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find life size DORA staring at you? And she says things like, "I'm your best friend". If Friendship Adventure Dora is your child's best friend, well, then historically inaccurate toys are REALLY the least of your worries!
And she's not even a very good likeness of her anyway.
Just sharing a random thought!
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nature came in small packages today

First, baby "Reggie" as Sari likes to call her came to stay for about an hour-ish this morning. I couldn't resist whipping out the camera for a small photo montage to show the many faces of R, LOL. She only fusses when she is tired, and less than 5 minutes after her mood change ended our photo shoot, she was sound asleep.

Then, after R left, this little snail came crawling by outside while we were checking on our still-to-emerge butterfly.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More nature, but this kind is nicer

From this...


If you remember my post about our bird-poop emulating caterpillars, here is one that emerged as a butterfly the other day. I couldn't get a great picture, 'cause the darn thing kept flying around (go figure!), but you get the idea :-). Who needs a science curriculum when nature (the ugly and the pretty) just drops by your door all the time?

And look at this guy who showed up in our flower bed:

***CAUTION-Stop reading now if God's plan for reproduction offends you!***

Last one: two butterflies MATING!
I had to include the disclaimer because on a yahoo group for our curriculum, there has been a bunch of conversation about how offensive the science text is shows a drawing of lions MATING!

How terrible! I'm shocked! Don't they know that's indecent!

Okay, that rant was all tongue in check. GIVE ME A BREAK! You know what, we went to the Buffalo Zoo this summer and what did we happen upon? MATING LIONS. It happens. Not only does it happen, but God ordained it to happen. It's how every species God created has continued existing since...well, CREATION, which was a REALLY LONG TIME AGO, no matter which camp (young earth/old earth) you are in. I'm thinking our kids are not the first in history to be exposed to mating animals.
In fact, the picture above shows you how we are fortunate enough to have little caterpillars of all varieties around our yard...the big ones mate here. I guess no one told them they should really "get a room". The debate on the curriculum board has really been funny, and those who know me will be proud and amazed to know I have stayed out of it entirely. The curriculum is Christian, but they make very clear the science text is NOT. It's an Usborne book, so it's not flaky or anything, it's just got references to millions of years, etc.
So here's an idea...Take what works for you and leave the rest...(all credit to Marie and LLL for that one).
The mating thing is too funny though, because it shows a male lion behind a female one, and she is looking straight ahead, bored out of her gourd...pretty realistic for lions I'd say, although the ones at the zoo were making a little noise too.

...maybe they did need a room....

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Freak of Nature

So I walked outside last night to get clothes off the line, and almost walked face first into THIS! Scary, huh? Shown here in actually size...or maybe a bit smaller, LOL. Obviously, the spider was more interested in whatever it caught in its web and is eating than it is in me, but it's safe to say I am glad I have a great zoom on my camera, 'cause I would NEVER have gotten this close to it in person.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mimi's praise songs

Mimi has been into writing praise songs lately, and these are DEFINITELY the type of thing I want to remember forever...long after the paper they are written on disappears, so I thought I'd share and blog them here. The first one has even been set to music composed my an amazingly talented youth at our church and the girls have been practicing it.
You are...
You are my King.
You are my Master.
You are my Lord.
You are my everything.
You are my God.

I know that He loves me.
He loves me and you.

My sin is wiped away (or in the original Mimi version My sin is wipte awy )
My sin is wiped away. (My sin is wipte awy )
My God wiped my sin away. (My God wipte my sin awy )
My God is Great. (My God is Grate )

A Rap song
I am going to tell you about the Son of Man.
He is my God.
He is my Savior and my Lord.
And He is my Master.
He's my everything.

(in the original Mimi it reads more like this...)
I am goeen to tel u bout
the sun uv man He is my God.
He is my seavr and my Lord.
And He is my Mastr.
He my evevything.

It's good that one of God's gifts to moms is the interpretation of tongues, LOL.

I am blessed beyond my ability to communicate that my daughter has such a heart for the Lord.
until tomorrow,
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Elephant by-product

Overheard on Animal Planet yesterday while sewing like a mad woman:

Your average African elephants have a not-so-efficient digestive system, and will poop 220lbs. A DAY!!! All the African elephants alive today will poop, in one week, the weight equivilant of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

So there's an interesting fact to start your morning :-)

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Strangely Silent?

That's because I have been working on my quilt! Tomorrow night is the big "reveal" and I have MILES to go. My back is screaming in pain, but I am determined to get it as close to done as I can. I have it all layered and have begun quilting, or I think I will get there tomorrow night with just the binding to go. I thought about cheating and sewing the binding the easy way but I realized that would not give me the splash of color it needs on the edges.
I have to say the front of the quilt looks AMAZING. Even my mom thought so. however, I have learned through the actual "quilting" part that I a) have no idea how to really work my sewing machine, and b) really don't at all know what I am doing, so we'll see how the rest of it goes. Luckily, very few people ever turn a quilt over and inspect the underside. It's kind of kin to looking a gift horse in the mouth, and probably just as ugly in my case!
My house is LITERALLY falling apart around me, so I really will have a lot to catch up on when the quilting is done.
I'm totally blessed to have the opportunity to do this quilt thing. It is one of those, "learn to do before I die" things for me, so now I can cross it off the list. And I'm blessed that my God is so attentive to details that He had my mom buy me my sewing machine 15 years ago knowing it would sit in a corner until now when I need it. AND, I'm thrilled that I decided on the recipient of my Americana quilt: my mom. After all, her birthday is July 2nd, it's her grandmother's flag I incorporated, and she even helped me pick out the pictures to use on it. Scott even said tonight, "Gram, you should have this quilt." and she said, "No, your mom has invested too much time in it to ever give it away." I am tickled pink that I will get to bless her with it :-). (Good thing she doesn't read my blog!)
until later, since it's already tomorrow,
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Kid speak

I picked Mimi up from girl scouts yesterday and asked her what they had done. She said they talked about being, "friendful". I said, "you mean friendly?" She said, "Well, they are the same's just one is a real word and one I made up."
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A stuck-in-the-ground-like-a-yard-sale-sign outside a local gas station that I pass every time I go to church says, " Liver Strips Gizzards Wedges". I'm not a liver eater, but I'm thinking if I was, pretty much the last place I would buy it at is a gas station. Just sayin'. And how disgusting is the idea of liver WEDGES? YUCK! They used to have a sign that just proclaimed "LIVER" in large letters. It's missing now. Do you think someone took it? Wierd! What do you do with a sign that proclaims, "LIVER" besides laugh at it!
Just catching you up on my random thoughts,
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You won't even recognize me

So I got my hair cut today! I was looking at the pictures from Spa Day and realized that the blond ends on my hair were VERY unattractive under certain lights. So I decided they had to come off. It's great that my neighbor is going to cosmetology school. She gave me a really fun, totally in-style (for the first time in my life) haircut. THEN, she put all sorts of goop in my hair that I will never use, and made it amazingly shiny, and SHE STRAIGHTENED IT with a flat iron. Before the flat iron, I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt in that TV show she is in (Ghost Whisperer?), and after I looked like any totally glam celeb and felt like I should be playing a guitar and seriously bobbing my head up and down with my hair flying in my face. It's really a different look, but I like it. My husband DOES NOT.
Everyone at UIP liked it too. I got everything from "You look 10 years younger" to "Did you color your hair?" to "Did she use a flat iron on your hair?" (me, "yes") "Then you need to BUY ONE. SERIOUSLY"
All you friend-type people will have to wait until the next time you see me, and it won't be straight anymore by then as it will revert to normal when I wash it, and I am not delaying showers for a week until I bump into everyone. Maybe I'll have her do it again for the quilt thing Sunday night...
Speaking of quilt...I'm off to work on that.
I'm blessed to have wonderful friends like S who cut my hair for free just because she likes to do it and wants the practice. It really looks great. As good or better than most cuts I've gotten at salons. I'm also always blessed by the people of UIP. They are so much like extensions of my family, and I love them. We have such a great time together and we glorify God. I am confident this is what Heaven will be like.
until tomorrow,
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Monday, September 10, 2007

There's a baby in the house

And it's not mine!!! Little R is sooooo cute, and the kids adored having her here. They ALL read to her-even Sari who is 2 1/2. She knows some of her Usborne books so well she can recite them-as long as all the adjectives are "shiny" or "soft", and for most of the "That's Not My..." books, those two words work with at least 90% of the pictures, LOL. Here's sweet baby R with Mimi (before she lost her tooth):

The minute R got here, they rounded up every baby toy in the house, despite my protest that she is only 6 weeks old. Mimi and Sari both helped feed her, and Mimi even gently bounced her to sleep. It ALMOST makes me want another, but the best part about this one is her mommy came at 4:30 to pick her up, and I get to sleep through the night :-). That is if Mimi does. But since she pulled out her other loose tooth today while at our neighbor's doctor's appt., she should not have any reason to appear bedside at 4 AM.

Even with R here, we did reading and handwriting, and Scott practiced piano, and TJ even got math, so not a bad day. Of course, Sari always joins us at the table. Here's her version of handwriting:

Scott had his first piano lesson with his new teacher, and it seemed to go well. I have to look over all he has to work on, but my sincere desire is that the practice load will be less total pieces so we can have more mastery. I told his teacher that, so we'll see what happens.

Things you don't want to here from the other room while watching someone else's baby:

"Sari, put the baby down!" (It was only her baby doll she was carrying, but one of the boys had thought that R might want to play with it.)

Quilt block exchange for the Christmas blocks and showing off our Americana quilt is Sunday evening. I'm good on the first one, but the Americana quilt is another story. YIKES! I did finish the hardest conceptual part today (I hope it was the hardest) so we'll see how the rest goes.

AND, I have 90% of my Precept work done too, so it's looking good for tomorrow.

I'm blessed that we got to re-live having a baby here, and even more blessed to see what wonderful caregivers my children are. They really LOVE babies, and it touches my heart to see that. I'm blessed that I am learning more and more about the nature of God as I study these old testament minor prophets. Who knew Joel would have so much to offer? Oh, and I'm now officially creeped out about locusts for LIFE. YUCK!
until tomorrow,
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

I wonder why I'm tired?

Today was a busy day, and I'm really too exhausted to even blog, but I missed yesterday, so here I go for today. We had church this morning, which was great as always. Today's lesson was 2 Corinthians 7:10-16 (I think...but Christine can correct me if I'm wrong). It spoke of Paul's delight that his letter of reproof had the desired effect on the Corinthians and that they repented. To repent is to totally turn in the opposite direction, to do a 180. I sat there very convicted of two areas of my life that I need to do that in...somehow, no matter what the message, there's always some personal application God knew I needed to hear (and yes, that amazement is tongue in cheek as I know that's exactly that case, and exactly God's plan, which is why His word is living and active). So two things to focus on this week, and everyday for the rest of my life ;-).
After church, our "supper club" met (that's a small group of people from church assigned to share a few meals together over a certain period of time so we can get to know each other and build relationships in the church). We went to CiCi's and the kids were delighted...well all but Mimi who chose to go to the Kiwi's house instead.
Then I came home to finish making TJ's frog cake for his birthday celebration. We got it done just in time to walk out the door to go to the birthday party Mimi had this afternoon (not that I had to take her, since she was at the Kiwi's, but I had to collect two more small boys whose sisters were at this party and take them to TJ's party at the mini-golf place). My first impression on the first hole was that I had made a terrible mistake thinking these boys could possibly do this, but they figured it out, and had a blast.
Then back to the other party to give the boys back to their parents, and collect my own kids (did I mention Scott was invited to Jennie's house to play with her son during the duel party thing?). Then home for dinner, which thankfully was already mostly done thanks to my husband's new SMOKER that he got last week-end. YEAH!!! Then, we watched High School Musical for the first time ever (I'm always a wee bit behind the trends). That was followed by Scott and I going to my mom's for our allergy I'm finally home. Any wonder why I'm tired???
Here's a funny to share today: one of the small boys I had with me today took one look at the "river" running through the mini-golf place and turned to me and said, "Can I pee in the water?" See there's another thing ONLY said by a boy, and this one is not even mine :-)
Favorite new Sari-ism, "Mamma, I have something to say to you" and when you lean over to hear, she starts singing. It's SOOOO cute!
I love my kids, and today I even loved other people's, LOL. I was blessed to take a trio of small boys to the mini-golf place. It was really fun to see them get so excited when they sank the ball...even if it took them 20 shots to do it. Jennie's son preferred hockey-style, kind of guiding the ball with the club, but it worked for him. I'm also blessed that I am able to help someone in need out tomorrow and watch a sweet little baby for the day. That should be fun. Sari LOVES babies, so we'll see how it goes when there is a real one in the house.
until tomorrow,
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Friday, September 7, 2007

SPA DAY!!!!!

First, let me say it was GREAT, but also a little weird, as they do everything for you, like bring you drinks and then carry those drinks from room to room for you-that NEVER happens at home, LOL. Lunch appeared magically set on a table with real linens and was cleared without me moving a muscle. Oh, and I got to choose what I wanted to eat, and I DIDN"T HAVE TO MAKE IT!!! Even if that was all they offered, the day would have been worth it ;-).

The BEST thing by far was the body wrap, as you can tell from my very happy face.

The facial was fun too, and Ryan (what are the chances of meeting another girl named Ryan beyond the one we know?) was great. SOOOO friendly and easy to talk to, but also so respectful of when I just wanted to be quiet and enjoy the relaxing touch of someone who wanted NOTHING from me...another thing that never happens at home.

My toes have NEVER looked so pretty and clean (and yes, I do wash them myself, but I don't have the whole whirlpool tub/3 different creams/heat/massage thing happening at home-I have the stand-on-one-foot-like-a-stork and scrub as hard as you can without tipping over thing instead).

Here's the finished product with my two new best friends (the ladies who did my treatments). My hair has seen better days, but then there is always a price for beauty (YES, that is totally tongue-in-cheek about the beauty part, although the people at J. Scott's tried their hardest, they were limited by the client they had to work with :-)

Me and my friend Scott, whose salon ROCKS. Everyone should visit him at J. Scott's 352-787-SPAA.
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My top 5 favorite things about TJ

1) He is a people pleaser in a good way. He always thinks of the happiness of others (ok, maybe that's not always true about his siblings, LOL).
2) He is amazingly compassionate. TJ will always help up a child who falls or hug someone who is sad-it's just his way.
3) He is a great share-er. Last night at McDonald's, he asked if I was going to have ice cream, and I said "probably not", and he said, "Oh, I was hoping you'd have some of mine with me." (And he didn't even have it yet, so it's not like he was full and then wanted to share.) How sweet! So of course I shared with him. He also got two lego kits for his birthday, and then promptly gave one to his brother "just because I wanted him to have one too".
4) He's thirsty for knowledge, which is such a delight. He begs to do extra reading and math lessons every day.
5) He's just plain sweet. A real boy through and through, but he loves to snuggle, he loves to pray with his momma, and he's my favorite small boy ;-).

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My Small Boy is 6 today


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Such a lovely day

Okay, so today, I totally skipped out on doing school at all, and finished my Christmas quilt blocks instead. They are great (if I do say so myself), but even better, they are done :-). Actually, the idea that I "skipped" schooling is wrong too. By 8 AM, my kids had discovered, quite on their own, that Queen Elizabeth is on the front of the currency from both Canada and Australia. AND, they even generally knew who she was. We also discussed how just because a coin is the color of a penny, that does not make it a penny. In fact, in Australia, their copper coin is slightly larger than our penny and is a 2 cent piece with a frilled lizard on the back. I should also mention this money is from when my Uncle went there as an exchange student in school, so I have no idea what is on their coins now, but the animals on the back of our stash are quite fun...platypus (would that be platypuses, platypusi, platypi?...I have no idea, but I bet Kiwi knows!), emus, frilled lizards, etc. All very fun! (By the way, the spell check says platypuses is right, but that just doesn't look right to me.)
We had also discovered that acids will clean the dirt off coins better than rubbing alcohol, but white vinegar does not work very fast. Ketchup on the other hand is amazing with copper colored coins, and helps some on silver ones too.
Oh, and we confirmed gravity works when TJ spilled the milk from his cereal bowl.
So there you awful lot of learning before 8 AM I think!
Back to the quilts, I now have a better idea of how to proceed for my Americana quilt. Which is good since I only have 10 days to do it in. YIKES!!!
Anyway, the kids had a blast today too which was nice. Mimi went to her very first Girl Scout meeting, and while she was totally apprehensive to the point of not wanting to go, she ended up loving it. She said, "I thought it was going to be a MEETING, like where you sit around at the tables and the teacher talks, like 4-H is, but it was really FUN." I asked her how she felt about 4-H and she said she likes it, but the meetings are boring sometimes. And you know what? She's right. But that's life too, so if you want the fun stuff you have to take the boring stuff with it, and at least she understands that.
TJ had his first soccer practice. His coach is very nice, and was totally willing to try to rearrange EVERYONE'S schedule to accommodate our church on Thursday nights, but I think we worked it out as my friend S, who lives right by church and has 3 kids in soccer, will be able to bring him to me after they are done with practice. So I'll load up the kids and take Mimi to Girl Scouts, pick her up an hour later, take TJ to soccer, watch for 15 minutes, then head to church. S will bring him to me there, and we will leave our house at 4:15 to return again at 9. Sounds like a lot of PB&J dinners :-). My husband usually just meets us at church on Thursday, lest you think I am being a neglectful wife, so none of this affects him.
Today after soccer, TJ and I went to McDonald's for his birthday dinner/date night with mommy. It was soooo nice just to hang out with him. He totally loved the one on one time-it was probably one of the best presents I could give him. In fact, after dinner, he declared this his best day EVER. I don't know how we'll top that for his birthday tomorrow, LOL. Actually, TJ loves to build with legos and K'nex and so we got him a small K'nex Jr. kit that makes "sea creatures". I'm sure that will help tomorrow be pretty special too. There's been a lot of talk about toys and kids lately among my friends, but these are the type my boys LOVE. They spent hours making ships and critters out of lego/K'nex, and so I imagine both boys will be busy tomorrow with the new K'nex.
I'm blessed to have wonderful friends who let me drop by unannounced and still talk to me the next day. I'm also very thankful that the soccer thing is worked out. S will never know how much that means, especially to TJ. And I'm thankful to be married to a man who honors his marriage covenant. Too many people can't say that. My man not only does, but tomorrow he's honoring me with my SPA DAY- WOOOO HOOOOO!
I'll let you know all about that tomorrow!
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Sharing an idea

My friend L commented that it was going to be an expensive night in our house with 5 teeth going under pillows! I just have to share this. Probably too late for most of you, but for those who haven't started with loose teeth yet, our tooth fairy bring FOREIGN CURRENCY. It's great! First, no worries about keeping up with "the Jones family" in terms of what the tooth fairy bring them. Second, it's a homeschooling lesson too. We look at the currency and discuss it: what pictures are on it, what the denomination is, where it is from, etc. Then we find the country on a map. We have little cardboard coin pockets we staple them in to, and they we put them in a photo album with coin collection pages in it.
I have to confess, the idea came from a reader of Family Fun magazine a few years ago, and is not mine, but we have embraced it fully, and it really works for us.
Today's yield will be coins from Canada and Australia (lots of opportunity for discussion about the fact that there is the same lady on the front side of the coin for those two different countries), and then also Chile, which we just happened to look at on the map yesterday. Oh, and the added bonus is we are doing MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures for our curriculum right now, so it ties in perfectly.
For those of you thinking that sounds great, but how would the tooth fairy FIND foreign currency, let me give you a few resources. First, we started with the Usborne book Kid Kit that comes with a Flag book and some foreign currency in it. That gave us a resource to look up the flags of the countries, and gave a nice starting place for the money. Also, for us, my brother travels a lot with work, and he knows to bring back his pocket change. You can ask people going on mission trips, etc. also. Easier than that, banks carry foreign currency. In some cases, you may have to order it, but just plan ahead to get a bunch once, and then you won't need to do it again. Finally, the easiest resource may be a coin shop. Plus it's a great "field trip". We have a vendor at our local flea market, Renningers, and they have foreign currency that you can buy for $1.00 for 10 coins. Really, it's probably ridiculously expensive given that most of those coins probably have an exchange rate of 1000 to 1, but it's one stop shopping and sometimes you can't put a price on that. Also, if I can cover all the teeth that will fall out of their mouth for $2 each, I am WAY ahead of the tooth fairy game.
Just wanted to share, since I was blessed so many years ago when that reader shared with the world what they did.
Can't wait until the kids discover their treasure this morning.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Oh, almost forgot....2 days until SPA DAY!!!!
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My friend Ann has all girls, and I constantly tell her how different life is when you add the boy factor in to it. Well, about a month ago, she posted a list of things heard in a house of girls, so I have been meaning to counter that with the boy equivalent. Here's the first installment, prompted by a real conversation that happened today...

Things only heard in a house with boys:

1) "Hey Sari, do you smell that?" "Yes" says sweet Sari. "I farted", says TJ. "EEOOWWW!" say the rest of us. (And said episode then prompted sweet Sari to start making a "fart" noise with her lips and say, "I fahh-ed" and then giggle. And before you get in an uproar, we really don't say fart in this house, it's usually "putt-putt" but boys go for novelty and shock value.)

2) "Mommy, take a picture of me kissing the lizard."

3) "Please stop with the battle noises and finish on the potty. You've been in there 30 minutes."

4) The above is usually followed by, "Mommy, my butt is sore." Really? Go figure!

More to come as inspiration strikes.

I wouldn't trade my boys OR girls for the world, but they are definitely different creatures, and praise God for that.
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Why Ma'am, what a great set of lungs your son has...

Oddly enough, while that comment causes great pride when spoken of a newborn, it's mortifying when expressed concerning your 10 year old, LOL.
Okay, so true wasn't quiet that bad for Scott as he got 4 teeth extracted today, and no one said anything the odd noise coming from the back rooms, BUT everyone in the waiting room did know the exact moment he got the numbing shots, and we were crystal clear as to when they removed the teeth. Poor Scott! My friend N works at the Dentist we go to, and she walked by post-injection but pre-removal and said, "He's doing great!". Yeah. That was before they came at him with a huge set of metal pliers and said, "Open wide!"
I have to say, he did amazing all things considered. But I felt awful for him, and I so wished we had been able to go alone and not had the other kids with us, as they commented on his crying, although they did seem far more compassionate than teasing about it. The roots that were on these baby teeth were amazing, over an inch in length...I think they might have never come out on their own. Scott's mouth will be buying his dentist and orthodontist new cars, as his permanent "canine" or "eye" teeth are still entirely in his gums, and growing sideways toward each other under his nose. They hope removing these baby teeth today will allow them to move into their normal position, but if not, the teeth may require oral surgery in which they cut the gum, place a chain around those non-emerged teeth, secure it to something? maybe another tooth? and then gradually apply pressure to lower the tip into place over a period of months. YEP. Sounds like fun! If you are a praying person, please be praying that the teeth will move into the correct place on their own. Also, he's missing a permanent molar, so you could pray that the baby one never falls out, otherwise it's an implant for him. And that doesn't even touch braces....
I'm blessed to have a boy that is so brave. Really I think he cried more over the fear/anticipation of the unknown than from the pain. He did great with the whole gauze in the mouth thing afterward (which I was not keen on...but Gloria told me she couldn't come home with me, so I had to do it...YUCK!!!). He felt steadily better after the gauze came out and the numbness wore off, and he even went to Awana just 2 hours later. And, in typical boy fashion, he wanted to show everyone the gaping holes in his mouth like they were a battle wound. He may try my patience on a hourly basis, but I love that boy of mine :-). I really am one blessed mamma.
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I'm sure this never happened on the Brady Bunch

0'dark hundred this morning:
From a deep slumber, I feel a very persistent tap,tap,tap on my leg. ARGH! Rousing myself, I open my eyes and wait for them to focus enough for me to make out which child is doing the tapping. Oh look, it's Mimi! (Big surprise there, Mimi also tapped me awake the night before at 4:30 to say she had a bad dream, and then at 6 to say she didn't want to sleep in any of the available options (her bed, her brother's bed since HE was sleeping on the couch for some reason, or on the couch herself- but that was out really since it was already occupied) so could she sleep with me? In case you are wondering, the answer was no because after 2 wake-ups in one night by an almost 8 year old I was feeling less-than generous.)
So back to last night:
I say something along the lines of, "wha do you wa?" in my slumber laden speech. She says, "I lost a tooth". Because I'm BRILLIANT at that hour, I say, "What do you mean you lost a tooth?" She says, "I pulled out my tooth." I get up enough to see the clock and reply with, "That's great, but it's 3:55 in the morning...go back to bed." She then wants a glass of milk because it's still bleeding, so ARGH I get up and get the milk. Just so that she doesn't get her heart crushed that I am not nearly as excited as she is about the tooth, I lean over to hug her first, and she says, "Don't get near this hand, it's got blood on it". WAY TOO MUCH INFO for 4 AM. She goes to wash her hand, I go to get the milk, I bring her the milk, and scoot her back off to bed, ans she says, " Okay, and I'll get my tooth box so I can put my tooth under my pillow." "Oh, don't do that," I say, "I'm sure the tooth fairy has already made her rounds for tonight, so we'll have to catch her tomorrow night."

So she goes back to bed, and I lie awake for the next hour unable to fall asleep. I guess the tooth fairy could have come after all, LOL.
Showing off the new grin :-)

So today is going to be a lovely day since I'm soooo well rested. That will teach me to get to bed before 11:30!

If you are reading this and you are the praying type, please pray for Scott today. He has to have 4 baby teeth extracted (talk about irony) and I'm sure it won't be the most enjoyable experience as they are not even remotely loose.

until later,

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


More info lifted from the headlines: Spiders spin acres-wide web in Texas

I mean, I know Texas is big, but acres-wide...that just makes my skin CRAWL at the thought. There are literally MILLIONS of spiders on this web in a State Park 50 miles from Dallas. The web has a "fetid" odor, probably from all the dying bugs on it. Oh, and the web "whines" from all the flying insects caught in it. Seriously. YUCK!!!
This web is literally covering ACRES of trees and plants. Usually webs of this size take years to build, this one took months.
I think I'll take Texas off the list of places to visit any time this century, LOL.

I guess I can find blessing even in that though, as I'm not sure I'd like it any better if spiders didn't exist and instead all the populations of the critters they eat grew off the charts. That might be even more yucky.
Oh, and I'm also blessed because it's 3 DAYS TO SPA DAY!!!!!
until tomorrow,
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Random thoughts

Apparently, I scared my friend Ann with my last blog. She was at first unsure which direction I was leaning in my support, and initially thought she might have to come beat Biblical truth into me, LOL.
Today, I saw the biggest woodpecker I have ever seen. Usually, you only see critters like this in a zoo. In fact, it was its call that sounded so "zoo creature-like" that drew my attention to the top of the REALLY TALL tree is was perched in. The first photo is the tree, just to give you perspective, and you can see the bird as a VERY small bump in the top left. The second photo is the bird itself.

We have two Giant Swallowtail caterpillars that we are "raising" right now. They were happily munching on our 4-H citrus trees, so we relocated them to a container and fed them from our more established orange tree that can stand to lose some leaves. One has formed its chrysalis and the other should be close. It will be exciting when they emerge, as they should be really beautiful. The chrysalis is under the curl of a dried up leaf, but you can kind of make it out. The caterpillar has great camoflauge, looking like huge bird dropping.

I have a countdown going right now. 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL...TJ's 6th birthday. Okay, but
really my countdown is 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL...MY FIRST "SPA DAY". I'm so excited, I can hardly sleep. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I've never had a spa day before, and my wonderful husband got it for me at the Number 1 Spa in Lake County: J. Scott's. Scott is a friend from UIP (he currently is our director) and I can't wait to go. My husband has been doing their computer work for them, so we are basically trading services. LOVE IT!!! Poor TJ, he's playing second fiddle, but really he gets a treat because daddy will be working from home on his birthday, and that's a special event in this household.
I'm blessed that my husband arranged this for me. It feels so "she-she" and self indulgent, but I can't wait. I'm blessed also that we have such a wonderful opportunity to observe nature around us, even living in the "city". My kids never lack for science or a chance to see God's amazing creations all around us :-)
until tomorrow,
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Of the World

This is one I meant to blog yesterday, but I did not get to, so here it goes...

I read in the paper (front page, "Sentinel Exclusive" news) the headline, Bishop nixes Trinity Prep play. Well, that intrigued me, so I read on. Turns out the Bishop that they are referring to is our Bishop from our former denomination, and the play he nixed was...are you ready for this..."La Cage aux Folles".
Are you kidding me???
I'm as liberal as you can get and be a Christian at the same time, but you must be kidding me. La Cage aux Folles? Let me give those of you who are not familiar with La Cage, as it is referred to, it's brief synopsis, as printed in the Sentinel. The show is about a homosexual couple. "In the show, one partner runs a French nightclub and the other performs there as a drag queen. Their life is upended when one man's son brings home his fiancee and her ultra-conservative parents." It is the show that the movie "The Birdcage" is based on.
I'm not even sure where to start on this one. Trinity Prep is just that, a Preparatory school (that people pay a LOT of money for). It is one of the best schools in our area. It is decidedly Christian, as evidenced by the name "Trinity" and is part of the Episcopal diocese of Central FL. It is meant to prepare kids for their future, yes, and that future is going to involve showing love for people of all different backgrounds and persuasions, BUT it is also meant to prepare them for being "in the world, not OF the world". It is NOT meant to prepare them to play the role of drag queen or his nightclub owning lover or to prepare them to think that there is something wrong with being "ultra-conservative" as the world defines it as long as those conservative views come from Biblical truths.
Let's looks at those truths for a moment, shall we? In creation, God ended each day with "and it was good" until He got to man. Then He said for the first time, "It is NOT good that man should be alone, so I will create for him a help-meet." A help-meet; one who is PERFECTLY suited to meet the needs of the other to bring completeness to both. And that's when He created Eve, NOT Steve. God created woman for man. That is the bottom line. To engage in activity contrary to that truth is sin, plain and simple. And now we have a group of impressionable high schoolers portraying people living in a sinful lifestyle without repentance, while simultaneously others are portraying the ultra-conservative in-laws who are painted as bigots for thinking the gay lifestyle is wrong. And what message are these youngsters to take away from that? What statement is Trinity Prep trying to make to the people from the community who will come to see this production?
It is appalling to me that ANY high school would consider producing Le Cage given it's open sexual overtones. And even more disgusting that teens would actually be cast to play these roles. But to hear that at CHRISTIAN high school was planning on doing this? Something is seriously wrong there.
The director of the show, Janine Papin, deserves to be fired. Here are her comments about choosing La Cage. She chose the show "to push the limits so that there are very few shows that are off-limits for kids because of sexual orientation or because of religious differences or whatever it is." And she has a job at a CHRISTIAN school? Sometimes apostasy doesn't have to creep in, we give it the key. For high schoolers in general, and Christian high schoolers in particular, there certainly should be a plethora of shows off limits because of sexual orientation and religious differences. Jesus is crystal clear. He is the way, the Truth, and the life, and NO ONE will come to the Father but through him. He says to repent and turn away from your sin, not debate how big a sin it is, question whether it's really a sin if you are "born that way", or worry that calling a sin a sin might offend others. Plainly speaking, it should offend them. Sin occurs literally when we miss the mark, and missing the mark should not be acceptable. We should LOVE THE SINNER, but HATE THE SIN, not celebrate it and seek for people to be more accepting of it. What's next at this school? A viewing of Nicholas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas"? A production of "Mrs. Robinson"? Maybe a "Faces of Death" video marathon. What other sins can we celebrate? Does a hooker come to career day? A drug dealer? We must TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO, not teach them to accept sin to save someone's feelings. When we teach acceptance, we gain a friend in the world, but lose a soul for our Creator.
Applause to the Bishop, who only found out about the show by reading about it in the newspaper. He did what is difficult to do, but what needed to be done. He gets a bad rap in the diocese for being excessively conservative, but he is "spot on" with this one.
And a nod to the headmaster, whose grievous err in judgement allowed the production to move forward (with a PG 13 label on the advertising posters) but who did what was right in the end by halting the production days before it opened.
Total disbelief at the mother who said that her child was "absolutely furious" about the cancellation, and she (the mother) says, "I would like to see the show go on. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Bishop. I don't think it has anything to do with the church". Hopefully her child will end up with a better spiritual education than she has. To spend the money on a Christian school and then think a play about unrepentant sin has nothing to do with the church...well, that's why I homeschool.
As a follow up, I saw today that several local theatres have stepped in and offered a venue if the school board decides that the show cannot be performed in the school's auditorium. Good for them to be so civic-minded. Horrible for the director to even consider taking them up in it. This is not about freedom of speech. As Americans we have that in spades, and I certainly think that the play, performed by an adult theatre troop should be allowed in our country. But the Bible also tells us that this in NOT our home. We are citizens of a different realm entirely. We are temples of a holy God. We are entitled as Americans to all our "rights" but called as Christians to give up those rights so that we don't cause others to stumble. All is permissible, but all is NOT profitable. We are called to be "little Christs" and I just don't see Him in "drag". The thought is ludicrous. So is the idea that a Christian school would even consider staging Le Cage aux Folles.
until tomorrow,
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I know what the calendar says but...

Can you believe it's September? This is the month, in my childhood, that a "nip" returned to the air, the leaves started changing colors, and on many nights, you could smell the smoke of a wood burning fire throughout the neighborhood.
For my children on the other hand, this will be the month the rain tree blooms, and yellow flowers "snow" on our driveway. A month that may mark the decent of the temperatures from the mid nineties to the lower nineties. A month that marks the middle of hurricane get the idea. They have a drastically different childhood, but I'm sure they will remember it just as fondly as I remember mine.
They spent this afternoon playing outside with 2 friends from up the street. They have really taken to playing in the water, an activity that occupied my childhood, but that they never seem to have taken too, largely because our water pressure issues mean they can't run water outside while I run it inside. AND, there's that, "it's hot enough to fry an egg on our non-existent sidewalks" issue too. But lately, they have really embraced the water guns Scott got for his birthday and have gone to town soaking each other and anything else that will come within range. Today they turned on the hose and sprayed it down the slide to make a water slide. I just love that they are really enjoying the outdoors in a whole new way. And with a little careful planning, we can do it more often...I just have to holler outside every time I need to wash my hands, LOL.
They played the same way yesterday with those same kids and then our neighbors from across the street. TJ ended up giving the little boy our Little Tykes ride-on tractor. My first reaction was one of those "you did WHAT???" sort of things which thankfully I did not voice. I really struggle with remembering our possessions are not really ours anyway. I just think, "does he know that cost me almost $40 secondhand?" But of course he doesn't, and even if he did, I bought it years ago, they have plenty of outdoor ride-on toys, and the wheel axle on the back of the tractor is bent anyway from my friend's son (we'll just call him Great Dane) sitting on it when he should not have. But that's a WHOLE different blog! Back to the tractor, I realized there was no reason TJ couldn't give it to them, so I just admonished him to ask first next time. Well today I overheard Mimi plotting to go take it back (she thought those kids had taken it without permission) and when I told her we gave it to them, she got quite despondent...I guess that apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and we have some work to do.
I'm blessed that we are the "kool-aid house", as my stricter rules about what houses my kids can go to mean that the neighborhood comes to us and the other parents don't seem to care at all. I need to work on making that a positive thing even as the kids are eating me out of house and home, or opening the house door every other minute while Sari is napping where she dropped right in front of said door, or asking to use my towels again to dry off the tree so the children who are stranded up the wet trunk can safely shimmy down. I really wouldn't have it any other way, but I need to remember that when it's stressing me out. And I probably need to hit Big Lots for some cheap towels :-).
And I was totally blessed today when God revealed that He had Paul write 2 Corinthians just for me because I would need to hear a message today about a subject that had been weighing on my heart. I had great talk with Eugene afterward and at least I feel like I have some resolution and a new topic or two for prayer.
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