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Monday, December 1, 2014

Best Part of my Day- Dec 1

I did Thankfulness for November.  For December, I want to try to blog the best part of my day, just like a friend of my does on FB.  What I have found for today at least is that it is really hard to narrow it down to one thing!  It started with this:
All four of my kids doing grammar together.  That hasn't happened, well, ever.  Sari just joined us for it this year, and Scott has basically graduated out of grammar, so this never happens.  But he happened to wander through that they were stumped, so he joined the contest.  We do a sentence a day (which I get from a book I bought on Amazon-you can find the link if you click the sentence at the bottom of my blog about One Blessed Mamma's Amazon Store, and then the one about what we use for grammar).  I write it on the white board, and they copy it and correct any spelling, punctuation, etc. problems, and then show it to me.  Today, in the end, Scott and the other two older kids all finished correcting the sentence at exactly the same moment, so they all got a "prize"- a small packet of skittles from the Halloween stash.  Sari gets credit for writing the sentence and correcting what she can, and she is picking up the rules as we go along and discuss each day's sentence once someone "solves" it by finding and correcting all the problems.  I love seeing peer pressure work in a positive way, and today was the best of that.

The other best part of my day was taking the girls to pick up some pottery Mimi and I had painted at a local pottery place.  You never know exactly what it will look like once it's fired, so that's part of the fun.  I love, love, LOVE seeing my artistic daughter's work.  She's so amazing.  Here are our before and afters:
This is her Crying girl.  She's crying and smiling, and kind of like the Mona Lisa, it's up to the viewer to decide why...

This one she drew for a contest recently. 

The Hubs took Mimi to Starbucks the other morning, and she drew this on the napkins.  Amazing, right?
 So I asked her to do it on a tile as a poinsettia for a Christmas trivet.

While she was doing all of that and something for each nephew, I did this:

 For the record, it's just one mug with three leaves painted on it.  And yes, I painted one thing in the time it took Mimi to paint 5.  Even the girl who worked there said she was fast.

So the best parts of my day today?  Seeing all my kids playfully competing against each other at grammar and seeing the fruits of our labor at the pottery place.

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Tiffany said...

I'm going to really enjoy reading your blog this month. I enjoyed November too and have enjoyed getting to see a glimpse of your life. I am a bad commenter but I real it ALL! Mimi is an incredibly talented fun to see her work. And, your mug is great!! I did tell you that on FB already but I'm telling you again here.