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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 7

So interrupted plans seems to be the theme for the weekend.  On Thursday, someone in our homeschool group posted a really nice sewing machine for sale for $10.  It needs it's timing adjusted, but I think The Hubs can do that.  So he told me I could try to buy it.  I sent an "interested" email right away, but didn't hear anything, so I assumed it went to someone else.  So after getting TJ's hair cut before church this morning, the afternoon's plans were to finish the tree and house decorations, and to cut Scott's hair...that is until I came home from church to an email from the lady selling the sewing maching.  She had been out of town, but she was back and I was first in line for the machine if I still wanted it.  YES!!!  The catch? She lives over and hour away from me and today really was the best day to go get it.  Soooo, scratch all the afternoon plans, hop in the car, and head off to pick up the machine.  But I brought Sari with me because the 3 teens had a youth group Christmas party later today and I wasn't sure I'd be back in time for them to get there and not have to drag her along if I wasn't back.  So she and I went on a cross-city adventure.  We listened to a book on CD, got a treat at Aldi, got a rare fast food dinner, and watched Free Birds, which she has been DYING for me to see.  So a night with my little girl and a potential new awesome sewing machine.  Best part of my day.
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