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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Best Part of My Day- December 3

Today was one of those days.  The ones we homeschool moms like to pretend doesn't exist, where our kids do their very best to irritate each other, and us, with everything they do and say.  I was really wondering if there was going to be a best part of my day other than, "We all survived."  But Sari and I had an invitation from our neighborhood homeschoolie friends to go to the park, so we did just that.  I had a great time hanging out with my same name pal.  She's the one person I've met here that I can fully be myself with, and I haven't managed to scare her away yet, nor do I think I will.  That's important when still aren't feeling well and have to do things like blow your nose and clear nasty yuck out of your throat.  Sari also had a great time running around with her girls, and my older kids were able to get work done at home without them all picking at each other.
On the way home, Sari and I stopped to get some yarn for a knitting project I am working on, and we were both a little hungry, so we had a treat.  There's a place near us that serves crepes and we got the peach melba one to share.  It was yummy, and just enough to hold me over until dinner.  And since it was raspberries, peaches, honey, and lemon yogurt sauce, I don't think it was too awful a snack either.

So a chat with my same name pal and a crepe with my Sari, best part of my day.
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Julie said...

MMMMmmm that looks so yummy!