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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 30

Today is my brother's birthday, and he's in Thailand.  We've texted a bit with him and his wife about the strange food they are encountering-Crab Curry flavored potato chips for one-and she's been sending pictures of some of their exploits.  So happy birthday Uncle Craig!

 Today, I got my girls and my youngest boy together with some more of their friends.  Mimi and Little L have such a great friendship, and they haven't seen each other since spending the week together at camp this past summer.  Sari is friends with Little L's younger sister(s), and she was in heaven with so many "littles" around.

 Steph laid a spread that would put Martha Stewart to shame, and we were treated to a wonderful breakfast in addition to time of fellowship and fun.

TJ got to see one of his BFFs too, but I had no more room on my phone to take any pictures, so I don't have one :-(.

I hate that Mimi didn't get to see her ballet lovin' BFF or her BFF who is a magician's daughter, and we never made it to Luminescence to see Miss Christy or Miss Tawni or Patrick or Chris or any one from MMAA.  But we had 3 1/2 days, and it's just not enough to do it all.  We got to see my sister and my nephew and my ex-step-father, and did an amazingly tedious puzzle with everyone who walked in the door, and do a bit of work at our house, and see our old pastor and his family and there's always next time for everything I missed.  But the best part of my day today was at least facilitating the connections I did manage to make and getting together with the friends we were able to connect with.

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