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Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 22

Cookies.  I love cookies.  In my family, cookie baking is a big deal for Christmas.  Now that we aren't living near the rest of our family, it falls on me to bake them all myself.  I love to bake, but it's not nearly as much fun without the whole family gathered 'round.  With that being said, my "little bit" is a huge help to me, and she loves to bake too.  She really took over the rolling out and decorating of the cookies we made today-some of my favorites-Berliner Kranzers.

Making cookies with my favorite little helper was definitely the best part of my day.

But then best part of my kids day?  That would be opening the presents that their Uncle Craig sent them.  He got a 3D printer this year, and designed, made, and programmed these "neolights" for each child.  Each one is themed to what the child is most interested in, Sari's obviously being Elsa.  These are SOOOO cool, and no one else in the whole world has one just like it.

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