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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 6

Today was supposed to be a nice, quiet family day.  We were going to put up the tree, and decorate it and watch a movie and I'd cut the boys' hair and the hubs was going to make dinner, and we'd just have a nice rainy day at home.  Well, the chaos started with the fact that the tree skirt was not in the box with the tree, and I couldn't remember which box it was in, so we had to get them all out just to find the skirt.  Then we got the tree up only to discover that about 1/3 of the lights are not longer working.  The Hubs made a quick trip to the store, to buy a new string to pillage new bulbs out of, but they were burning out as soon as he'd plug them in.  So then we had to take another trip to the store to buy a whole new string of lights just to put on the tree there the burned out ones are.    

Anyway, we got that done, put up the lights, Sari began decorating the tree, I did a little house decorating, and we began watching the movie.  Except in the middle of the movie my cell phone rang.  It was a mom from our homeschool group.  She needed a babysitter for about 45 minutes from then.  Her sitter was sick with a stomach bug, and she had just gotten the message.  So she was wondering could Mimi come and babysit?  The thing is, Mimi hasn't ever sat for them before, in fact she barely knows them, and night was falling, and she said she didn't feel comfortable with it unless I went too.  .

But that ended up being the best part of my day.  I got to watch my daughter watch other people's kids, and I had no responsibilities.  I just sat on the couch and finished a knitting project that I had been almost done with.  I loved watching the kids pummel Mimi with pillows and try to see exactly what they could get her to let them get away with (not much with me there too, LOL).  So an unexpected evening that meant I got to finish my knitting project and be a fly on the wall while my daughter babysat?  Best part of my day.
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