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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 2

So two things today, and the first one is going to seem rather odd...

The first best part of my day is that my daughter quit a class today.  I know, that seems totally counter-intuitive, right?  But this class has really, really been stressing her out.  And for weeks now, she has been developing mysterious illnesses on Tuesdays in hopes of staying home (it didn't work).  She finally spilled the beans.  The class is too much for her.  It's giving her nightmares.  It's a higher level work than anything she's had to do before, and it's taking all she's got to do it, at the expense of the classes that "just mom" teaches like, you know, English and Algebra, which she's now woefully behind in.  Oh, and did I mention this is also the Forensic Science class for which we have had a dead rat in salt water on our back porch for month now for?  So after a serious heart to heart, I decided to let her let it go.  She's not failing-in fact her grade should be a solid B if not higher.  But she is the youngest student in the class (other than the teacher's son) by 2 years, and keeping up with that work really has put her way, way behind in her other core subjects.  She had a health class that was a semester long this fall also, and if we add that semester to this one, that will actually make for a full year of science-y type work already done.  I;ll just call this "Intro to Forensic Science" and leave it at that.  Oh, and dump the rat. DEFINITELY best part of my day material right there!!!

Second was just our funny conversation at dinner.  I know not every Christian family is into Harry Potter, but we have made the decision that it's okay for our family because we have experienced it together as a family-listening to the audio books together and talking about anything that we felt like needed to be addressed, etc,   So references to HP,or any movie really, are common in our house.  Tonight's dinner conversation worked it's way around to which house each kid would be in.  Mimi claims Slytherin, Sari runs around saying, "I'm a Hufflepuff." in a voice that is beyond adorable, and TJ protests that he has taken the "official" quiz and is a Gryffindor even though Mimi says no.  That led the Hubs to declare that he was a member of the one no one ever seems to want to be in.  So I, being snarky, said that that was just because he has a thing for Rowena Ravenclaw.  He said, "Yeah, I like them pale and pasty."  I said, "And see through."  But I said it right as he took a sip of soup, and it was all he could do to not spit it all over the table, and it obviously looses a LOT of the funniness in the telling, because you had to be there, but really it was funny, and I love the playful banter of our dinner table.  So the other best part of my day was just our dinnertime playfulness.
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