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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 20

I feel like a "for real" adult tonight.  My husband had his work Christmas party at a bar downtown, and we got to go WITHOUT kids.  You know the last time we were out without kids?  Over a year ago when we were looking for a place to rent before we moved here.

So tonight I put on make up (that NEVER happens) and pretty clothes (that only happens on Sunday) and had a nice dinner and the kids only called 6 times (NOT kidding).

They were having an ugly sweater contest with prizes, so my normally reserved husband went all out (the picture really doesn't do it justice):

But really the best (although not ugliest) was his co-worker and her husband:
Her dress was a knit that looked like an elf dress, and his suit?  Head to toe (and tie) in red snowman print.  It was fabulous.

Anyway, pretending to be an adult for a few hours wearing adult clothes and eating adult food?  Definitely the best part of my day.

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