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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 17

The Hubs is away, so it's just the kids and I.  Somehow the absence of one person suddenly makes dinner seem much less formal an occasion.  Today was one of those days-I was out of the house more than in it.  So on the way home from our last stop, we went to Trader Joe's for some of their awesome Mac and Cheese...3 containers to be exact.  We came away having spent $60 because that's how Trader Joe's works, LOL (I got a large thing of real syrup and some honey and so part of the expense was expensive stuff.)  Anyway, to add to the mac and cheese, we used up some mystery chicken from our freezer.  When my mom and her husband were here this summer, they left behind a frozen meal on accident.  I assumed it was orange chicken, or something like it, and figured we'd eat it eventually, but a meal for 2 doesn't feed 6, so it needed to be on a night when we had other things a large amount of mac and cheese.

The kids LOVED dinner.  And not a spoonful was left.  We ate and laughed and had homemade fudge for dessert, and played the Wii and it was just a nice evening.  So an easy dinner of comfort food followed by some family time-best part of my day.
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Julie said...

I visited Pam in the hospital yesterday then went to "our" (winter park) Trader Joe's!