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Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 29

Today is always a hard day.  It is the day my grandmother died, many, many years ago.  It's not so hard for me.  I mean, sure, she was great, and I loved her, but I was 11 when she died.  It's that she died "young", and my mom was devastated.  She still gets blue on and around the 29th, and of course here we are visiting, and adding stress to an already difficult time.  So today while The Hubs took my car to the shop early, TJ was staying at someone's house, and mom had an appt., mom's husband took the rest of us out on the boat.  We went down a beautiful inlet off a large lake that they live on, and if was pristine, undeveloped FL.  Just gorgeous.

 He also took us to lunch, which was a nice treat, but the best part of my day was definitely a boat ride in unspoiled FL wetlands with Sari, Scott, and Mimi.   Oh, and then the bonus news that my car doesn't have an oil leak or a coolant leak, and it's good to go.  THAT was unexpected and good news for sure.
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