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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 28

Tomorrow is one of my daughter's BFF's 16th birthday.  She also happens to be someone we have missed meeting up with the past time or two that we have been in FL to visit, so getting the girls together was a top priority.  So today, Mimi got to spend the day with RM.

They went shopping with RM's Gram and aunt and just spent time together.  While they were doing that, I got to meet up with my BFFs.  We went to one of our favorite hangouts-One Flight Up.  Aunt Fanny's daughter now works in a store across the way, so when we were done we went over there to bother her at work to say hello.  We moms sat and talked for hours.  It was great to catch up and laugh and commiserate and just share our lives together.  While we were there, Marie's daughter and 2 other teens came by to hang out. (NOT with us, LOL, although they stopped by for a few minutes and I got this funny picture of my realtor's daughter.)

 Ironically, Mimi and RM ended up walking downtown later, after my friends and I had left downtown, and they too ended up at OFU and checking in on Hannah at work.  OFU-it's a happenin' place.

I never get pictures of my friends and I.  I snapped one "selfie" with Aunt Fanny, and it's horrible, but I'll break all my own rules and still share it here.

So getting Mimi and RM together and me getting to catch up with my FL BFFs, best part of my day.
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Tiffany said...

I made the blog! ;0)
It was fun getting together and catching up!