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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Best Part of My Day-December 21

Duck Donuts.  I think I've died and gone to heaven.  Think of the best thing you've ever eaten, and then just know that it pales in comparison to a Duck Donut.  Oh. My.
 First, they cook the donuts fresh, while you wait (and while you watch).
And you get to pick how you want yours "topped".  I got "french toast"-so it was maple frosted and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar.  YUM.   Mimi got chocolate with bacon.  Sari got strawberry with chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles.  Scott just got iced coffee.  (He's crazy, what can I say, although it was good iced coffee.)
I saved half of mine for TJ and The Hubs to try (they were still at church for the second service when the rest of us stumbled upon Duck Donuts).  TJ got orange frosted with chocolate drizzle and The Hubs got maple frosted with bacon.

Duck Donuts has just opened in our area, and we happened upon them by God ordained chance.  Discovering them was definitely the best part of my day.  If you are ever anywhere near one of their stores, you MUST check them out.
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