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Friday, December 5, 2014

Lumo Project-Gospel of John Review

What if the Bible came to life-word for word, not a dot or tiddle deviated from scripture, yet was beautifully reenacted with authentic feeling locales and costumes and actors?  What if it not only did that, but you could choose the translation you listened to (NIV, King James, or Spanish)?  If it did, what you would have is the
Lumo Project
and it is, in a word, stunning.


I had the chance to preview the Gospel of John (they are doing all four gospels), but you can watch it for FREE now if you have Netflix.  With 53 million subscribers globally, Netflix is the perfect venue to help carry the gospel around the globe via the Lumo project.  It is exciting to be sure!

The Gospel of John really gives you a feel for how the Bible "played out" in living form.  Jesus walks stony paths in arid lands and feeds the multitudes among the weeds and grasses.

It feels "real" and nothing distracts from it because it is pure scripture.  A perfect evangelizing tool to be sure!

The only thing to note is that it is close to 3 hours long since it is taken word for word from scripture, so you might want to break up the watching over a day or two if you are watching it on Netflix.

You can learn more about the movies on the Lumo Project website.

Here are their social media links:

All in all, I think the cinematography is just beautiful, and the way the movie brings scripture to life is really key for me.  I like to see what it would have been like, to really understand and put myself in Jesus's place, and this movie let me do that.  I'd definitely recommend checking out the Gospel of John and the others that will follow.

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