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Friday, August 17, 2007


SO I have a few addictions. Currently, they are Soduku (Oh, my goodness! Who would have thought putting 9 little numbers in squares would have me so captivated? Of course, I still prefer the "quick and easy" ones, which, much like the quilt squares, must be rated by someone with a sense of humor or WAY more free time on their hands than I have, LOL), UIP's version of the Hallelujah Chorus (which gets me verclempt EVERY time I hear it, so I have to keep listening until I can sing through without getting choked up. Man, it is soooo amazing!), and...blogging. This is totally addicting :-). I LOVE that you get to really know people and the goings on in their homes and in their minds when you are allowed to eavesdrop into their lives with a blog. And I LOVE to write. Always have. So this is a wonderful outlet for me because I never could be disciplined enough to write in a journal everyday, but I'll plop my big ol' butt in front of the computer without a second thought, LOL. You know it's getting bad when you check it several times a day to see if anyone has commented yet. So here's my one does. And so now I say, in my best Brady Bunch impression: "Comment, Comment, Comment". And, I will endeavor to comment on yours. I am just as guilty. I love to catch up on others' lives, and wish my computer dinged or something everything someone updates their blog (yes, I need serious help) but I forget to comment too, so that's your challenge and mine.
Oh, and one last addiction. 4-C's White Tea with Blueberry. It's a powdered iced tea mix in the tea area at publix, and it comes in a huge container, so if you want to taste it first, just stop on by someday. After paying $1.80 for a small glass of Blueberry White Iced Tea at Starbucks, I found this. It tastes just as good, and it's less than $5 for a container that makes 20 gallons of tea. YUM! Usually I just drink water, but now...well, let's just say I have to restrict myself to just one glass a day.
later, 'cause my tea is calling,
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Tiffany said...

I so agree about the comments! I want comments but often fail to leave them on anyone else's blog. And, I am also totally addicted to blogging and reading blogs as well and I hate to write normally!
Does White Tea with Blueberry have caffeine? It sounds sooo yummy!

oneblessedmamma said...

It doesn't say "decaf", but I'm pretty sure white tea, being made from the least mature leaves, has less caffeinne than regular. That's part of the limit on consumption though.

Melissa said...

I seem to be spending all my time thinking about what to blog next - NEVER thought I would become addited to this! Am enjoying being a fly on the wall in your house, OBM. I'm going to look for that tea - sounds yummy!