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Monday, August 27, 2007

Brotherly love

My brother travels for work and we see him only once every few months. He will be going out west on a vacation in a few days. Then he will go from there to Argentina. It's my intention to get a "flat stanley" thing going on that I can send with him for the kids' benefit since we are doing Exploring Countries and Cultures this year for our curriculum. My kids LOVE to play with Uncle Michael. He gets very physical with them in a good way-running, playing hide and seek, throwing a ball, piggy back rides, etc. They also love that his love for video games is as great as if not greater than their own, so he'll happily plop down and play those with them too. Above, Sari is literally passed out asleep in the middle of a boisterous game of Mario Party. Below, she dangles upside down with glee.
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