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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The "S" word

We finally got around to "starting" school today. It's weird to say it that way, because I genuinely do think they learn things everyday, and since we are not particularly structured, "school" isn't such a big deal for us....or wasn't until now. Last year we tried our hand at doing a specific math curriculum, and this year we are adding to that with a general multi-subject curriculum as well. It's a big step for mom and kids, LOL.
We couldn't start before now because we had a very busy Monday and Tuesday, so today was the day. As I was explaining to my kids that we would be doing something new, Mimi started crying and said, "I don't want a new math, I LOVE our math." Her tears dried just as quickly when I explained our math would stay the same. (Today for math, the older two drew pentagons and hexagons and then drew the diagonals using a ruler. They loved seeing the resulting patterns that emerged and they got to color the finished products however they wanted. Filling in the diagonals on the hexagon also led to a discussion on the star of David, since that is one possible shape to emerge. No wonder they love math.)
TJ joined us at the table for the first time, and he breezed through his math, but struggled a bit with the work for MFW. It is geared toward grades 2 and up, so he's actually a bit young. I just helped him with the writing stuff. And speaking of writing, we actually DID the handwriting without tears that I've been meaning to get to for ages. We are finished for today, although we did not even finish all we were meant to do. We did also though make homemade ice cream, so that ought to count for something, LOL. Oh, and dinner is cooked, so there you go. At least we won't starve.
I took a cue from my friends' Jennie and Ann and actually bypassed an event this afternoon. I really don't HAVE to go to everything, even as the homeschool group leader. I won't be enrolling my kids in the program, so I had no need to go to the open house, and so I just didn't. It feels rather empowering :-).
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Christine said...

We "started" week before last. I'm having so much fun digging around and reading the different ways homeschoolers approach their teaching.