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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tossing cookies

Sari isn't really a cry-er. Very seldom does she ever just cry for more than a minute, and usually that's if she gets woken up when she's not ready to be awake. So I knew something was really wrong when our neighbor RM brought her out to me from where they were playing in the girls' room. It sounded like she said, "she's hurt" but Sari just wouldn't stop crying and when I asked her where she hurt, she said her tummy. So I cuddled with her, and she eventually sobbed herself to sleep on my shoulder (awwww, she never cuddles off to sleep with me anymore, and it was so nice :-). It was toasty though to have her against me, and I needed to get Scott ready for piano, so I laid her down, only to have her wake up and start sobbing again. I called Mimi and RM out and grilled them as to whether she had consumed some of the fake "play" food we had or eaten a Polly shoe, but that's not her style at all, so I really didn't think that was the case, and they confirmed it for me. I got her to stop sobbing and told her I had to put her in the car to go to piano. She seemed fine with that, so I buckled her in and turned to yell to Scott when I heard THE SOUND. If you've ever had kids, you know what I mean...the "EVERYTHING I just ate for the past 24 hours is about to be displayed for the whole world to see" sound. I rush back to her side, but can't get her unbuckled fast enough, so I offer (YUCK!) my hands for her to barf into. Then I run, empty them in the bushes and have Scott (who has appeared by this time) turn the water on for me so I can wash my hands. As I get back to the car, up comes another round, and this time my hands don't suffice. DOUBLE YUCK! Now her car seat and clothes are covered, and only by God's grace, and my untidiness, has my car been saved, as the floor under her seat was covered with other stuff, all of which could be pitched or washed. In the midst of all this, Scott is still trying to load up for piano, LOL.
So it's out of the car for Sari, Scott, Sari's car seat, and a whole host of other stuff, and into the tub for barfy girl while I call our piano teacher to tell her we obviously aren't making it.
Happily, Sari only threw up one more time, following the Popsicle she had from the first bath, which then prompted a second bath.
Even that is a blessing from God, since my in-laws called this evening to admonish my husband to be sure Sari got a good bath tonight since she had...DUN, DUN, DUN...sand in her hair and in between her toes today while she was at their house. Never mind that we live in FL and there is sand everywhere, or that she lives in crocs which don't exactly keep the sand out. So see, even the barfing thing was a blessing because hopefully two baths later, she will meet their standards for cleanliness.
Seriously, I'm blessed that it looks like this was just a "something didn't sit right with her" thing and not a puking plague for the whole house. I'm thrilled that Scott has a few extra days to practice his piano before his make-up lesson (or that his teacher had a make-up time available at all). OH, and best of all, my husband walked in tonight with a gift certificate for a SPA DAY that he got for me without even knowing about our afternoon (okay, my friend owns the spa and I had hinted heavily that they should barter services, but he did it, and I'm so thrilled!).
until tomorrow,
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Clunn Family said...

Poor baby! Hilarious and unbelievable about your in-laws. Dontcha just love the little darlings? Grrr!

Leisa said...

You should be awarded daughter in law of the year, no..century for not driving over there and slashing their tires =) I assume you didn't slash their tires?? I guess they don't read your blog.