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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In the Blink of an eye

Today I went to the grocery store with all 4 kids. Typically, I avoid taking them all for many reasons (it's quieter, I get it done faster, I need their car seats to put the groceries in, etc.) but today they all went with me.

It was clearly "older person shopping hour". Everyone was really nice though, and several commented on my family. One woman, who looked maybe 60, said, "they grow up in the blink of an eye. One day you are shopping like you are with 4 little ones around, and the next, you are 80 (amazing!!!) and your kids are grown." You hear that a lot from people, but she just was particularly touching.

This week-end we had a "blink of an eye" moment. My m-i-l invited my sister and her family and my mom and her husband to the birthday soiree also. It's always great for my kids because they get to see both of their cousins, and it brings me inexplicable joy that my kids' cousins will know each other even though they are only related by marriage. Both of them are, and probably will remain, only children, and it's great that they will know and play with each other so my kids never have that sometimes weird thing with the "other cousin" syndrome where their cousins are both important my kids' their lives, but those cousins don't know each other. I feel like happens with my cousins and their other cousins even now as's like they have this other life I am not a part of. But I digress.

So these pictures are taken at the in-laws. Pay special attention to the couch Sari is lying on.

After we were done eating, Bam-Bam and Sari were playing with a "nerf" soccer ball. We were encouraging them to roll it only, as we were int eh house (the heat index was over 100, and besides there was rain rolling in). Well, Bam-Bam picks it up, climbs on the couch Sari is lying on in the picture (which you can see has a VERY low back), and throws the ball over it. Then, and this is where my heart literally stopped, he follows it head first...onto the vinyl floor that covers the concrete slab with no padding between. I truly screamed as I was at just the right angle to see the whole thing happen, and I was paying attention since my daughter was involved in the ball play and I wanted to be sure the ball stayed on the floor. My b-i-l (not Bam-Bam's dad, BJ's dad) turned in time to see his feet disappear. Of course, as I scream, the whole house rivets their attention that direction. Worse, my sister is sitting in a straight line from the couch, so she sees him go over front AND back. I really thought, in that split second where time stands still, that I had just witnessed my nephew become a quadriplegic. He went over with such gusto, I was sure we would go from admonishing him from always running/jumping/climbing, etc. on anything in site to picking out his wheelchair.

Miraculously, he was UNHARMED. Not even a goose egg! How? Well, just before he went over, he had been standing so he looked like a starfish with his legs splayed apart, and his arms in a "v" over his head. Apparently, when he fell, he kept that position, and his arms braced the fall so that he ended up basically somersaulting out of it. UNBELIEVABLE! He's not even 3, and he took the fall like a stunt pro. But just as easily, his life could have been drastically changed, or even over, in the blink of an eye. Bj's dad is still traumatized just from watching it. (BTW, the other picture is Sari "dancing" with BJ.)

I'm thankful Bam-Bam was safe. He's dear to God even if he isn't being actively raised to know Him, and I trust God that the story of His faithfulness we will relate to Bam-Bam for years to come will ultimately change his life. I'm thankful my kids have cousins, and that they get to see them regularly. And I'm thankful for my m-i-l's birthday. She is the reason I have my husband, and I am glad she is alive and my kids have a wonderful Nana.

until tomorrow,


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