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Monday, August 27, 2007

It's HOW old????

So just before we went to my mom's for dinner, my husband had been looking at Southern Living, which we get for some unknown reason since I will NEVER be living the way they do in that magazine, LOL. Anyway, in it was a thing by McCormicks about spices and how long they are good for/how to tell how old they are (most are good for maybe 6 months after they are opened). So we get to my mom's and she's still throwing together the pasta salad so her spices were out. My husband picks one up, turns it over, and says, "Mom, do you realize this spice is...over 15 YEARS old?!" She says something like, "No, it can't be that old" when he tells her he just read mere minutes before about how if the label lists a certain manufacturing plant, the spice is over 15 years old since they haven't made spices there since then. Of course, we find this out AFTER the spices have been added. Oh well, we all lived to tell about it. Guess I know what we are getting mom for Christmas...all new spices. We did that before with Christmas-y ones like cinnamon and nutmeg, etc. but I guess we need to do the rest now. Mom will buy the hugest container of anything and hold onto it forever, as evidenced by the spice in question (it was onion salt, BTW). I think the next function at her house will be BYOOS (bring you own onion salt).

I'm blessed that my family lives so close, and that we all get along relatively well. And I love that we can give each other a hard time and do it in love and all have a good laugh.

The picture is from the revelation of the spice age.

until tomorrow,


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Elizabeth said...

Amy-a 15 year old spice that is hilarious!!!!