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Thursday, August 2, 2007


As a mom, I have had the best of intentions to remember every cute thing my children did or said in their whole lives. That was reality for me for about 24 hours, until sleep deprivation kicked in after the first one was born, and it's gone down hill since then. I mean, I can't remember what I had for lunch, or even if I had lunch, so what makes me think I can remember the things my now-10-year-old said 8 years ago???
That is one of the reasons I actually took the plunge and started I would have an place to record all those precious memories I never seemed to get down on paper, but are becoming foggy as the years pass.
Indeed, my blog ID is the result of my youngest Sari. All of my kids call me Mommy. It is a name that, after 5 years of infertility, I was sure would be precious to me forever. That is until I realized how many times a child can say "Mommy" in 1 minute. It's staggering actually. Then multiply that times 4, confine us all to a moving vehicle that I am at the helm of, and add in a thunderstorm and the radio, and you might understand how the sweet sound of "Mommy" gets a bit not-so-sweet at times. Anyway, my precious Sari actually prefers "Momma" to "mommy". I don't know why, but it's special because she is the only one to do that, and she did it on her own. It's even cute as she is standing on the other side of the office door right now saying, "wet me in momma". So as I searched for a blog ID that no one else would have, I decided to use "momma" to help me forever remember her name for me.
Which (finally!) bring me to the title of this post. Sari watches some TV, but really not much when I'm home. When daddy's on duty though, the kids know all the rules change, and TV is their best friend. They are still limited to the "appropriate" material we chose for them, but they get to enjoy a lot more of it when he's around. And although we don't have the Disney channel, and we only have 1 DVD of it, Disney's Little Einsteins is by far her favorite. She goes CRAZY for them. And she can't say it correctly, so she calls them SeinSeins (pronounced sign-signs). She loves them soo much that recently I was shopping Disney's online catalog for their PJ sale and she climbed up in my lap and squealed with delight when she saw the SeinSeins pair. We ordered them for her (they were $5, who could resist), and she would LIVE in them if she could. She even wore them to her Nana and PopPop's house the other day (of course, I sent her with clothes to change into). She's a riot about it, and I always want to remember it.
I'm blessed that God was gracious enough to give me children. As much as "mommy" grates on me sometimes, I can't imagine how sad the silence of not have children to call me that would be. I'm thankful to have a husband who is always willing to watch the kids, and just because he does it different doesn't mean he does it wrong. Not only is he always willing to watch our kids, but he's game for anyone else's too, and not many men are like that.
until tomorrow,
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