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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Having never been a "delicate" home, in our house we call it like it is. Which means your bottom is your butt, my kids have boogers and not mucous, we use a "snot sucker" instead of a bulb syringe, and a baby is stinky, not having a bowel movement. And into this environment comes our sweet funny Sari who just takes all our idiosyncrasies throws them our the window in favor of her own. Her are some of her more memorable ones:
She has a "bum-bum" instead of a butt (or bottom for you more sensitive types)
When you flush, your byproduct, whatever it may be, goes "home" (I have NO idea where that comes from). And she enjoys watching that. And she wants to be the one to "fush".
She will always tell you, after the fact, "Mommy, I pee" and will deny to her last breath being stinky even as the paint peels in her wake.
After running around denying being stinky, she will inevitably need "keem" (cream) for her bum-bum.

After a voyeuristic episode in the "loo" tonight, I figured I'd blog all this so I can remember it years from now :-).

She's too funny. She also takes great delight in a parent returning home and will run up to you and hug your leg with all her heart. She will NOT though tell you "I love you"...I've heard it from her once ever. She will hug and snuggle all you want, but she only kisses you when she feels like it, and usually not if you ask. She enjoys hiding when we are trying to leave the house, especially in my closet, and she can totally avoid all the usual ploys to make a child give up their position. No give away giggles from this one. She can fall asleep anywhere if she is tired, but will almost never opt for her "kib" (crib, now converted to a toddler bed) although she will sleep there all night when you move her there after she is asleep. She will however fall asleep in a toy box. Go figure! She calls Mimi by her name and TJ by his, but will only call Scott her "brah-ee" (brother). She LOVES having her picture taken, especially if it is digital and she can see the picture right away. She has to do "wawk" at the table everyday with us while we homeschool.

I could go on for ages, but I'll stop and head to bed. I'm blessed to have 4 wonderful children. They are so different, but so special, and I can't imagine life without any of them.
until tomorrow,
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Melissa said...

Loved this blog!! We don't do "delicate" either. : ) Am enjoying your musings - keep it up!