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Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to totally alienate your b-i-l in one evening :-)

So tonight my B-i-l and my husband are at a friend's house playing poker. My sister came over and asked me to cut my nephew's hair. Bam-bam has a great head of hair. It's dark brown, curly on the ends, and about Bobby Brady length. The problem is, people keep commenting on what a cute girl he is, so it was time for a hair cut. This is not his first cut or the first time I've done it, and it's never easy to cut the hair of a constantly moving toddler. This time, rather than cut to preserve the curls, my sister thought she'd like it short. We discussed it, and decided to cut it like my son TJ (a surfer look with it long on top and buzzed on the back and sides). The catch is, once we got it done, we discovered how very much Bam-bam looks like my sister when she was 5 and had a bowl cut. It was not exactly the effect we were going it was shorter, and he still looked like a girl! Thus, I began the process of "fixing" it so that he would not look quite so girl-like.
In the end, he has a really buzzed back and sides (1/8th inch) and a layered top. It looks fine, but it is so drastically different that it takes some getting used to. The catch is, I know my B-i-l is never going to speak to me again. He really liked Bam-bam's hair long and especially was fond of the curls. While he knew my sister wanted me to cut it today, he certainly won't be expecting it to be this short...I know I wasn't!
I'll have to post the reaction when I hear about it, since he won't be speaking to me, LOL.
I'm blessed to have family that lives so close by, and I'm thankful that my husband has the opportunity every once in a while to hang with the boys.
until tomorrow,
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