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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday, cont.

I meant to blog again yesterday so I didn't just end with "later" as my good-bye.
Let me finish yesterday's thought with this. We were reading in science yesterday about different environments. One thing we read was about nocturnal animals. I asked the kids what animal we knew like that and they collectively yelled, "Jack". I rather like my friend Red's idea of blaming everything on the hamster, but in this case, that much is absolutely true. He's so nocturnal, we aren't sure where to put him so that we can get any sleep. He spent about a month in the shower every night, but Mimi could still hear him through her wall, so now he's in the living room, which is as far from the bedrooms as you can get. We've had to literally padlock his cage closed since he can open it himself, and now he spends ALL NIGHT trying to chew through the metal of the padlock (good luck with THAT). Like my husband said...he'd have more success trying to chew through the bars, but something about that padlock just draws him.
He is so loud, we have to turn up the TV to hear it. (We watched Wild Hogs last night, which was good, not great, but a welcome more-comedic-than-not, sort of break.)
But today is a new day, already mentally full of things to accomplish. Not the least of which is Scott passing one piano piece he's had for about a month. The 3/8 time with steady, fast 3 eighth-note runs up and down the piano in the left hand trip him up no matter how he practices, but we will succeed today or die trying.
I'm blessed to have a son who is skilled in piano. It's such a wonderful thing to have real, live music in the house, and have it coming from my oldest. It bring joy to my heart. I'm one of those people who would opt for silence over just about anything since with 4 kids there's always a cacophony, but he can play for me anytime :-).
until later,
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