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Friday, August 10, 2007

How do you spell frustration? Q-U-I-L-T

It's 11:40 PM, and the FLYlady just sent me a reminder to go to bed because my body needs sleep. If only she could send them to my 2 year old who is still awake. Daddy passed out on the couch an hour ago, but since I am on the never-ending quilt square (I'd like to seriously encourage the people who designate quilt square difficulty ratings to reconsider what is "easy") I am the one to stay up with her. Honestly, I'm exhausted, my back hurts, nothing is going right on the quilting, and that frustrates me to no end, AND I can't even finish the one block I kind of have done because I need to press it before I can finish the sewing, and with Sari up and about and no one else to occupy her, ironing does not seem to be the smartest idea.
Sari is feeling better today though, so I am thankful that it was only a "something didn't sit right with her" sort of thing. I'm thankful that tomorrow we are getting instruction on how to make these obnoxious quilt squares, and frustrated that I couldn't just wait until then. I just always have to try on my own, but being a visual learner, it's hard to get it from a website with limited explanations.
until tomorrow,
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