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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The reunion

So I have a confession to make...the reunion actually was much better than I thought it would be. They had a relatively good turn out; more folks came to this than the 10th. There were about 180 people who attended, but we aren't sure if that number was just MCHS alum or alum and spouses. Either way, there were way more people there than I had imagined.
I have another confession...I am totally self centered. I never would have said that before, but God totally revealed it to me that night after the dinner was over. See, I was worried about the reunion because I am bad with getting to know people, and because I could just picture people talking about E's wife (things like, "Did you see her dress?" or "I can't believe she ate all that, etc."). But you know what? No one besides my husband even cared that I existed. I mean that in a nice way, as everyone was very friendly, but they were all there to catch up with their old friends, not worry about their old friend's spouse. I guess I can't shake those old high school insecurities even when the high school isn't mine. Really, if I had spoken to no one, it should not have mattered to me because the event wasn't about me. And in the end, it didn't matter to me because I DID speak to people. We sat at a table for dinner with people even E didn't know well, and I did my best to speak to all the other people and ask questions about their lives. It was easier than usual because that's the type of thing everyone is asking about at a reunion. I even met another homeschooling mom there with 5 kids. E didn't even really know her in HS, but I sought her out after she won the "most kids" award, and we had a nice talk. Consequently, there were plenty of other spouses there that would have lent much more talk/gossip material to the conversation than I would have, but like I said, that didn't happen anyway because that's not why people were there.
One last was really interesting at a pool party that afternoon to see the total difference in people's life paths. I mean, all these adults had two things in common...they were all the same age and they all were in the same graduating class. From there though, things couldn't be more different. One classmate who helped organize the event had 2 almost grown children, and a few even had grandkids. On the other hand, we met someone who has been married since 2 days after graduation, and they are currently expecting their FIRST child-due in January. Very few of the reunion classmates' kids will ever be classmates themselves, and I found that sooooo interesting.

Interesting too was the scrawny kid in HS who is now a totally buff easy-on-the-eyes dad of 2 kids, the "average" fairly pale white girl who showed up her not so average, size I-can't-even-guess, new boobs and her native Jamaican older male friend. And the popular girl who showed up with her not-male significant other (the "pastor" at our table offered to make them the "most newly newlyweds" because, "that wasn't a problem in his church"). I guess my point is that 20 years post HS everyone is more comfortable in their own skin, and the people that might have been your friends then, might not share any common interests with you now.

I'm blessed that God uses every opportunity to teach me lessons about myself and the things I need to lay aside. I'm blessed that I have 2 years before my 20th, so I hopefully will be that much more spiritually mature by then. And I'm blessed to have a husband who loves me in spite of all my insecurities.

until tomorrow,
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