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Friday, August 17, 2007

One More Thought

I shared with Marie the other day that the next time one of the online questionnaires asks me to describe myself in one word, the most honest answer would be "verbose". Sorry I can't every seem to blog in a reasonable amount of words, but I hope it is at least mildly entertaining, and I really am hoping it is a wonderful record someday for my kids about who their mom was at this age when I am just their mom, and my age is ancient compared to theirs. You know what I mean. Try to think of your mom at your age now and what her life was like. It''s hard to imagine because that's not the nature of the relationship you had with her at that age. So I am hoping this will help me to be more of a real "person" to them, with real hope, real dreams, and real frustrations, but an even more real love for and trust in my Savior without whom I would really be a hopeless mess.
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Tiffany said...

I had not even thought of my kid's reading this someday. That will be interesting for them to see and hear about how we spent our time, what our thoughts were, etc. Thanks for making me think!

Clunn Family said...

My whole intent with mine was and is for my kids. I am hoping there will be a way to print it one day and bind it and give as a gift to them. I know what my Mom's life was like at this age. And it ain't pretty! Lol