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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Small tasks

Today I would love to say we accomplished a lot, but sadly it was a day of small tasks. I continued in the "office" trying to sort through years of paperwork that needs to be pitched, shredded, or tossed. I know, more fun than any one person should have ;-).
My wonderful husband took time this morning to mount the kids' artwork above my sink. They went to an art camp at our "old church" and did mosaics. Their bring-home project was a 13" charger plate that they did a mosaic in the middle of. They turned out amazing, but they are large, and I had no idea what to do with them. So I went on line, ordered special plate hangers for plates that size, and tried to mount them over my sink in the place of a nick-knack holder that was covered with my penguin collection from my youth and early adulthood. Funny how I pitched many of those little birds without a second thought and kept only a few special ones. I was sooo excited about making a place for the kids' art that I didn't mind losing the dust collectors at all.
Today also featured "water fun". It will probably sound really odd to confess that we live in FL and my kids never play in the water. But we don't have a pool and really can't put one in with our odd yard. And we have such awful water pressure that they can't run water outside without taking anything inside to a trickle. SO they never get to play in the water even though it's 96 with a heat index of 110. Today Bam-Bam came over (with my sister) and he LOVES to play in the water whenever he is here, so we turned them loose and they had a blast. Who needs a pool when an empty plastic tote can function as a "hot tub for one"?
Tonight my husband and I watched a movie together. It was good, although I don't know the name. It stars Russell Crowe and is called "A Good (something)" Year, Month, Week, Life...I don't know, but it was good, and it was nice to have that time together.
I'm blessed to have a husband who is handy where I am not (when I tried to hang the plates I bent two nails beyond use because the 60+ year old plaster is HARD...but he used "mollies" and screws and poof! they were up). He is committed to trading our bedroom to give the girls a larger one, and that's really great. Not many men would do that. He spent his morning measuring it out and drawing it on the computer. It will work, but it will be tight!
I'm also blessed to have a sister who volunteers to take a child for us. It's beneficial to her as it gives Bam-Bam a playmate, but it totally blesses us by changing our household dynamic for even a few hours. TJ went with her this afternoon, and it was great for all of us.
until tomorrow,
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Lisa said...

Ok...those mosaic plates are awesome. We came close to buying a house with an ugly kitchen. I planned to go all mosaic glass on the icky counters. Now I know who to call if we ever are in a postition to do that...your kids would do great.