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Monday, August 6, 2007

Go figure-obedience pays off even for adults :-)

It will come as no major shock to anyone who knows me that I typically plunge headlong into something and then pray about it/seek the council of my husband. I know, that's a big surprise, LOL. I tend to spend more time begging God to be my life preserver than asking Him for the strength to walk on water before I ever get out of the boat.
Anyway, tonight I was really struggling with whether my kids should start swim team for the fall (it was starting again tonight after we've had a week off from the summer session, and of course I decide to put off deciding about participating until 4:55 for something that starts at 5:15). Typical me! The next few weeks are certainly calm enough in the evening, with just our usual Tuesday night sign class/UIP for me and Thursday night church for all of us (as if that's not enough). But September, well that's another story all together!
In September, I will have my Tuesday night stuff, and we will have Thursday night church, but the kids will also have AWANA on Wednesday (beginning at 6:15, with swim team ending at 6). AND, I was really thinking that TJ should/would play Upwards Soccer, which will take place in the evenings, although we won't know the schedule for a while yet. Oh, and homeschool PE should be starting and we don't know the days or the activities (it wouldn't be good for them to have PE at the pool and then have to go back 3 hours later for swim team). And lastly, TJ had not been allowed to participate in swim team for the summer (a week ago) because of his age, but he turns 6, the required age in the middle of the fall session, so I really hoped they'd let him participate, but I didn't know for sure.
So I did something totally uncommon for me...I called my husband to ask him. My husband...the man who called the swim team staff a word that means "less than smart" after the swim meet went 45 minutes late. And what did he say? "Well of course they should do swim team. They enjoy it, and are good at it, so they should do it." To which I replied, stammering and stuttering, with all the reasons they shouldn't do it. And then he said, "Well we seem to have more questions than answers, so why don't you take them for today, explain your concerns, and see what they say." DUH! Why didn't I think of that?
So off we go in 3 minutes flat to the pool. Goggles missing, shoes flying, but there we were. As I gave Rachel, the girl in charge of the program, my dissertation, she said, "Why don't we do the kids for $X (which is slightly less than half price) for August, until we know what the plan is for PE, and you know more about September?" And, she agreed to let TJ swim. What an answer to a prayer I didn't even think I had the time to say, all because I sought my husband's wisdom on this. Wow! Now let's hope I remember this for more than the next 24 hours.
I'm blessed to have a man who can think clearly when I can't, and who genuinely cares about supporting our children's interests and physical activity. And I'm thankful that God is so patient with me that me willingly teaches me the same lessons over and over hoping one day they will become the habit of my life and I will be more mature in my faith.
until tomorrow,
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