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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr. Scott's biggest little fan

I'm all for anonymity in my blog, but that wouldn't serve our friend well in this case, so it's full name exposure for our favorite magician, Scott Humston. We've been fortunate enough to know Scott (via his wife and kids) for many years now, and we have always LOVED his shows. This summer, at his library show, he did this thing with a bowling ball- AMAZING is all I can say. Anyway, he was making a new video and called Mimi up on stage for a trick, so she may be in the new video, which has her and my other kids beside themselves with excitement.
All of that to say of course we had to buy the existing video which somehow we had never purchased before. We did that right before our summer family reunion, and the kids watched it for the first time up there. Mimi, not understanding how making videos takes time, thought THIS was the video she was in and made my cousins and b-i-l watch the whole thing looking for her segment, LOL. She was just sure it would be coming up next. So while we other adults were upstairs chatting, the boys who don't at all think magic is cool at their age (and that includes my fav b-i-l) were subjected to the whole's like karma, except that I don't believe in that.
So my kids LOVE this video, as do we, and of course some bits are our favorites. My mom came by last night to give us our allergy shots, and they kept wanting her to watch "just one more" as she was trying to get out the door. We had to show her Guitarzan, which makes the kids peal with laughter and Puff, who is always hilarious, especially since my step-dad does hypnotherapy. But the funniest hands down is the candy cane. And it's even funnier when Sari does it. All we have to do is say, "I'm just uhhhh...I'm just uhhhh" and she squeals with delight. And she has the punch line DOWN. In 2 year-old-speak, it goes something like this, "Do na ta da ca-ey cay, you dough no where it bean" but the effect is the same. She is truly Mr. Scott's youngest fan (besides his own son maybe :-).
Oh, and I always assume that everyone who reads this knows me, but that's obviously not the case since almost 60 people have looked at my profile, and I don't have enough money to keep that many friends on the payroll, so here's how to find out more about the amazing Scott Humston:
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