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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The latest Amish hit???

I'm working out the lyrics now...something like, "Don't you wish your quilt blocks were hot like mine?" TOTALLY LOL. First, the real song that one mimics is appalling, and I ONLY know of it because it's the ringer on someone I know's cell phone. Second, I'm quite sure the Amish wouldn't appreciate that genre music or the boasting nature of the lyrics. Third, the more I quilt, the more I see the mistakes in my blocks. Despite careful measuring, they just keep being a hair off here and a "titch" (to use my daughter Mimi's word) off there. BUT, again, I love the one block called "starflower". Confessions of a frenetic wouldn't take nearly as long if I would just pick one pattern and stick with it. But then I wouldn't get the experience of trying different types and finding the ones I really like. The draw back is you never hit that efficient place where you can cut all the blocks out, sew them all at once, iron all at once, etc. Today's big lesson though was that the Starflower, while not difficult, did require more time at the ironing board than I have probably spent in the past decade...I hadn't figured that into the equation.

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Tiffany said...

I love them! Which one is the amish star? Where did you get the patterns? I have a whole stack of quilt pattern books from Marcella but have yet to open them. I'm not allowed to do anything fun like that until I've planned for school on Monday.

oneblessedmamma said...

All these patterns are from that site kiwi sent us. It's called "StarFlower", and it is the one that looks kind of pinwheel like. LOVE IT, but lots of seams and ironing!

Clunn Family said...