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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Secret Identities

I have this deep aversion to using people's real identities in my blog. I'm not sure why, but I imagine all the internet stalker horror stories have a lot to do with it. Then there is the "maybe if I don't use their name they won't know I'm blogging about them" aspect, and then there is the "it's just plain fun to have a secret identity" thing. SO with that being said...I have decided to refer to everyone by their middle names (except my kids who already have their nicknames and my husband whose middle name would cause confusion with another's that sees regular use). I'm absolutely giddy with anticipation, LOL. I really don't know all my friend's middle names, no matter how many of those inane but fun internet questionnaires I've read with that information. So now I'm soliciting middle names. And if you don't cough them up, well then I get to name me you'll want to give me your middle name, LOL. Of course, for my odd friend who goes my her middle name, I'll have to use her first name, but that will just add to the fun, right Jennie?
So let's start with me...Hello, I'm Lynn! I was named after my mother's middle name which is also Lynn, so there you have it. If you are my friend, and you want to offer up your middle name, do it privately so we can keep the others guessing :-).
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