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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are you SURE that's how it works???

Overheard yesterday while we were at Sea World:

The "expert" at the dolphin nursery was being asked a bunch of questions, so he put on his microphone and answered them so everyone could hear. One of the questions was about how many babies were in the tank, since there were 7 dolphins in there. It turns out, there are 3 expectant moms, the new mom and her baby, and 2 "aunties", He then explains, "The aunties function as wet nurses and nannies BEFORE the baby is born, and then they help the mom with the baby after the baby is born."
Is that how it works?
And here I thought a baby had to be born before a) you need a nanny and b) someone else can nurse it for you. I laughed silently, but was NOT going to correct this young man in front of all those people. Just my own private TEE-HEE.
I'm sure he'll figure it out someday...I'd love to see his face when someone explains to him what a "wet nurse" is.
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