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Friday, August 17, 2007

Names are funny!

Names are a funny thing. Some of them just make you laugh to even say them. Like Eugene. Probably a sign of my immature humor, but it makes me giggle. Coincidentally, I can now use that name in my blog. I hate to blow his cover by using his title, but after his wife Christine told me, I just had to blog about it because it's so stinkin' funny...just sayin, LOL.

Aunt Fanny was asking if I'd added anything new. As if three blogs in one day weren't enough. So this one's for you :-).

Oh, and I got the most delish bread dropped off today (by someone whose middle name has yet to be divulged, so we will be kind and call her prego chick for now), but it wasn't free. It cost me a tour of my house, and I'm still recovering from my mortification that I revealed it's messiness to someone who never seems to have more than a few markers left out on a table or a few toys in the yard. Still, friendship is about more than that, and at this point, I'm crying out for help to anyone who can get me on the organization track and keep me there.

I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends. All of them. They each have different strengths and quirks, but God chose them specially for me so that their strengths make up for my weaknesses, and their quirks make me laugh (with them, not at them...mostly, LOL) and keep them real.
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1 comment:

Clunn Family said...

Interesting must have a better memory than mine. I'd NEVER remember everyone's middle name. I can only do first letter. I'm confused about the identity thing lately anyway. What's the point? We don't give away any personal info and our closer friends know who we are talking about anyway...I sent mine off to you. Can't wait to see my "middle name" in print! Wish it were Methusalah or something. Lol