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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back to school?

Every year parents look forward to the start of school with overflowing excitement. For homeschoolers, that just doesn't hold true. I truly am sad by the end of summer. I don't miss the heat, and that's going to be with us for months to come anyway. What I miss is VBS. That's my one chance to get my kids out of the house for a few hours, like SAHMs of school kids get to do everyday for 7 months. I get to do it for a few short weeks a year, and only for 3 hours a day. This week is the last VBS of the year. It is a sad occurrence. I use that time to knock out the bigger projects that never seem to get done during the school year when I have to balance my time between educating them and keeping the house from totally imploding. During the school year, I feel guilty taking a day to sort clothes or file papers or weed out old pictures, but during VBS that's what I look forward to most! I feel the heavy responsibility of choosing my activities wisely this week since it's my last one for 9 months. I think the office and its mountain of paperwork is calling my name, but of course with the 2 year old still around, even the best intentions don't always get you very far.

I'm blessed that my kids are comfortable going to different churches for VBS. Ours is too small to have its own, so they literally go to 4-5 churches we don't attend to take part in the VBS programming. They actually look forward to it as much as I do though, and I love that. I love that they enjoy learning about God and about Jesus, their savior. I'm thankful that the three older ones have accepted Jesus and are born again. Scott has even recently been baptised. Nothing thrills me more than to see them grow in their love of the Lord.
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