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Monday, August 27, 2007

Fall in FL

So I was reading the comics today and one of them made reference to fall starting because the leaves were changing. HA! Florida totally missed the "there are 4 seasons" memo. Today, just like every day for the past month, the high will be 93+ degrees and the "heat index" that factors in humidity to figure out what it really feels like to a person outside will register above 105 degrees. It doesn't matter what the calendar says, fall in Florida only comes for 2 reasons...when a rainstorm/hurricane makes the leaves/branches/trees "fall" down in the wind OR when it's sooo dry that the leaves just shrivel up and "fall" to the ground. The pictures above are from a rainstorm last night that actually left more debris than some tropical storms do. If you look at the bottom of our driveway, you will see it covered in dead palm fronds. The catch is there is not a palm tree nearby. Must have been some wind, but we were at mom's for dinner with the family since Michael was in town, so we missed experiencing it at our house. Lightening struck our neighbor's tree, and took the power out for a block of homes including RM's, but miraculously sparing ours. The one picture shows the burned interior of the tree.

We are all very blessed no one got hurt, and that the neighbor whose land the tree is on is going to have that tree and another removed. That's great because they are both huge oaks that are dying, and they overhang that neighbor's house AND our entire street and part of our yard where our camphor tree is. It will sure be sunnier on that side of the street, but safer too.
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Lisa said...

Cool, it's working. Don't know why I'm having such a hard time leaving comments on blogger blogs. AOL maybe? Anyway, our "fall" came in the form of caterpillars last week. They munched ALL the leaves off of our shrubs. Yep.."fall" at our house. :)